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Give Thanks in Style!

Happy day, reader dear!

Thankfulness is on minds and hearts all over the United States this season.

Thankfulness should be on our minds and in our hearts all the year long, but we humans are wired to take things for granted. We adapt and become accustomed to. The new car becomes just the car. The bigger house becomes just the house. Holding awe and wonder of the goodness that surrounds us requires intention and practice.

So I practice.

At this moment, some things I am thankful for…

YOU, reader dearest! My family & friends. Our health. A roof over our heads. The opportunity to run this business. My clients. The people who have helped Closet Play grow. (Especially those online. That’s something I NEVER thought I’d say…) A roof over our heads. My husband’s job. Technology. (ANOTHER never thought I’d say.) The amazing members of AICI. Vaccines. The coming holidays. Thanksgiving.

Oooh! Let’s talk about dressing for Thanksgiving! Not the dressing that goes IN you, the dressing that goes ON you! (As for the stuffing vs. dressing debate, let’s not go there.)

I’m a dress-for-the-holidays kind of woman. It adds a little extra to a special day. I know, some people want to do T’day in their jammies. If that’s your pleasure, knock yourself out. I’ll be the one in a dress (as comfy as jammies but presentable enough for a family photo that can be shared).

Dresses are versatile and (as previously mentioned) as comfortable as your pajamas when you choose well!

I don’t normally “do” shopping posts, because I prefer always to shop my wardrobe first. (And suggest you do, too!) It’s better for your budget AND the planet. Jumping off my soapbox now… Read on for Thanskgiving day style inspo!

Feasting Style

Let’s start with a dress. This one from Boden has elastic smocking to keep it comfortable and trim. That elastic and the loose skirt leaves room for an extra helping of whatever it is that floats your feasting boat. My first choice will always be for a printed or patterned dress–prints and patterns help hide spots and splashes when I dive for the gravy boat. I should look for a print with red to disguise the cranberry sauce battle I will lose. Every. Year. If you prefer a longer dress, there are oodles of midi length dresses out there this year! (My style tip for midis? Avoid flats.)

If you want to shop this board, click the image of the board or this link!


Yes, you saw some of these accessories in the Colored Neutrals posts. See how versatile they are? This dress might appeal to a variety of Personality Styles; it’s how we accessorize it that shifts the feeling.

Starting at the bottom right corner and working counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise): Rose velvet ballet flats and sparking gem chandelier earrings feel comfortable and still Feminine.

Rugged green boots worn with the hat have an urban outdoors vibe. Think city in the mountains–like Asheville! If you are wondering about the hat, plenty of people are eating outside again this year!

For a more refined Feminine look, blue suede ankle strap pumps paired with the beaded earrings. This woman seems relaxed and refined, well-traveled and creative.

Another ankle boot, this time more polished, feels urban but not rugged. The Relaxed colors and scarf take the edge off. If a scarf feels like a dinner disaster waiting to happen, try a neckerchief or a chunky gold chain!

Not shown here: THE APRON! Every year I write about my obsession with aprons. This year I am breaking the streak, but if you wish, here are some that have caught my eye in the past

How About You?

Do you “dress” for holidays or go the casual route? Do you know what you’ll be wearing for Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite dish at the feast? (Share up to three if you can’t choose just one!) Are you traveling for the holiday? (If you are traveling, here’s some packing inspiration that includes a dress for dining comfort. And another.) Are you staying home? Are you hosting? If so, do you ask others to bring sides or specialites? Or are you hiding from the whole thing? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,



    I couldn’t be more excited to have you back!!! I’ve thought of you and prayed for you & family often!!! I’m excited if you do a program this next season!!! I’m excited to join if affordable for me!!! This is going to be a great Christmas season & a fantastic New Year!!! You were so missed!!!!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    I always wear festive apparel for holidays. For Thanksgiving I wear jeans and a pretty, printed, feminine blouse in seasonal colors with 3/4 length sleeves. (I have dozens – can’t resist a pretty blouse!) Completed with dressy ballet flats and dangling autumn earrings. And a bright lip. I’ll bring a coordinating pashmina if I’m at someone else’s house. Must have mashed potatoes (seasoned with onion powder, like my mom did), stuffing (with apple, celery, onion, currants and pine nuts) and a heavenly walnut roast (we don’t eat animals). Love the holidays as much at 68 as I did at 8! I’m already all in on holiday movie watching. And listening to Holiday Traditions and Holly channels on Sirius radio in my car.

    • Liz K

      I’m with you on the 3/4 length sleeves! I hate sleeves flapping about on my wrists. Sounds like you’ve got your T’day outfit sorted! I hold off on the holiday listening and watching until after Thanksgiving. One of our family traditions is watching Muppet Christmas Carol after T’day dinner. (Regardless of the age of those in attendance!)


    Liz, I grew up dressing for the Thanksgiving occasion and eating in the formal dining room. I still dress for the occasion but my husbands family doesn’t and Thanksgiving isn’t served as formally. I don’t make cornbread dressing anymore but my husband makes wonderful stuffing. We are told not to bring anything so we don’t. We have in the past years and she just was angry with us!! I miss our Southern Thanksgiving so my husband and I make that the weekend after Thanksgiving like we always did when our son was growing up!! Happy times then and now!! I haven’t decided what I’ll be wearing yet which is unusal for me. I’ve been thinking but we still have hot weather so it’s hard for me to get excited!! Working on that!! So Thankful for so very much!! The LORD continues to bless our family so much!! Praise the LORD!!!!!

    • Liz K

      It’s hard to think roasting turkey when the temps are still roasting outside, Natalie. Which is why this might be the first Southern Thansksgiving I actually enjoy. We’ve had cold nights and cool days and the idea of a big Thanksgiving meal sounds lovely! Blessings to you and yours…

  • Juhli

    Love your point about how we adapt and don’t see so much that is part of our lives and very much there to be thankful for. We will be at home with just one son and DIL. We’ll probably all be nice casual dress but nothing special except the cocktails and apple galette for dessert!

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