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If you are new, welcome! If you’ve been with me a while, welcome back! And if you have been with me a while, you know I love me some leather goods! Shoes, handbags, and leather jackets to name a few. (More on that last one as the weather gets cooler!) Today I’m tackling three myths I run across with clients when we get down to styling… and I ask them about handbags.

Myth #1: One Bag Goes with Everything

There is no purse that “goes with everything.” There are everyday handbags, that go with almost all your everyday clothes, but that same everyday bag does not suit the outfit you wear to a wedding, or special evening event. One easy way to ruin a special occasion look is to grab your work (or tote) bag and haul it along with you on a special date. You don’t need a bejeweled miniaudiere, but carrying your everyday bag will drag your look down. Everyone has different requirements for the “perfect” bag wardrobe, but I can imagine managing with three: a day bag, a tote, and a special occasion bag. (This last one is great in a metallic!) I prefer more than three, but I have a little bag problem…

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Myth #2: A Black Bag is the Most Practical

Only if you have black hair! If you are not a raven-haired beauty, the most practical bag is one similar in color to your hair. Why? Because you wear your hair everywhere you go, and when your purse color refers back to your hair, it creates harmony. The same goes for shoes, but that’s another post… If your coloring and hair are light, opt for a lighter bag, like grey, taupe, camel, tan, or ivory. If your coloring and hair are darker, think about brown, caramel, grey, navy, or deep wine. Personally, I love a colored bag, but understand that is way out out of the comfort zone of many a woman! While we are on the subject, a practical bag (regardless of color) is one that really works for you. If you struggle to find a bag that’s right, here are some questions to ask yourself before plunking down your hard earned money for a new bag…

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Myth #3: An Expensive Bag Dresses up My Outfit

I’ve seen women dressed in workout clothes go out to lunch, and conspicuously set their pricey bag in plain sight. (No, I’m not talking about athleisure…) They’re sending mixed messages. Paired with gym shorts, your fave college team tee, and running shoes or flip flops, that Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Furla, Michael Kors, or Coach bag (whatever is your jam) does not “dress up” your outfit. You are still wearing gym shorts, a tee, and running shoes. The bag doesn’t change that.

There is no correlation between the “dressiness” of an outfit (its Level of Refinement) and the price of the items making up the outfit. You can be dressed up in inexpensive clothing, and a dumpster fire in clothes that cost a fortune. It’s not about the price, or the brand. (Although it is always a good idea to buy the best quality you can afford!) You can elevate a look by choosing a more refined bag, but there’s not much you can do to elevate PT gear!

Do you think there are other handbag myths I have missed? Are you a bag fan, or could you care less, as long as it holds all your stuff? Do you prefer a tote? Or a smaller bag? Do you switch regularly, or only when absolutely necessary? What’s your favorite everyday bag? I love to hear from you! Let’s start a conversation in the comments below!

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