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Happy Birthday! I’m 4!

Or Should I Say Happy Blogiversary?

Very happy day, reader dearest!

We are celebrating over here at and wish you would join us for a slice of cake! Or maybe a glass of bubbly? Why not both? If you prefer coffee with your cake, we can do that, too! Normally my cake of choice would be banana with chocolate buttercream icing, but I’m feeling lemon this year. (Maybe the Pantone colors are getting to me!) With a nice dry rose. If you know where I can get a delicious lemon cake without having to bake for myself, please let me know. Why are we celebrating? Well, If you could hear the blog, she’d be singing…

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday closet play dot biz. Happy birthday to meeeeee!

Because she’s 4 today!

And feeling very grown up about herself. (She is. I’m not. I’m giddy about it!)

Each year for her/our/my birthday (Does this sound like an identity crisis? Maybe.), I share the three most popular posts of the past year, so let’s get this party started…

Spring Capsule 2021

Why wouldn’t a capsule wardrobe post be popular? Well, not everyone is a capsule wardrobe lover or even a fan of wardrobe planning! I think this post may have been a hit because the capsule is so very colorful, and most you see out there on the interwebs tend to be very neutral and safe.

Which brings me to something I’ve noticed on social media. Colorful outfits get the most attention. Everyone loves them and complains when I show up in neutrals. Where’s the color?, they call out. But those same commenters don’t wear color themselves. It’s certainly something to ponder. As for this post coming in first? I’ll be perfectly honest, I never expected one of this spring’s posts to be the top runner from the past year! Usually posts pick up steam as the year goes on, so posts from June of last year make a reappearance on peoples’ radars the next year. Which is why the second and third place posts make perfect sense…

Copycat Style June 2020

This post? Not such a surprise! This Copycat Style series has been hugely popular from the start. Why this look in particular? Maybe it comes down to the all neutral outfit being easier to imagine for color skittish readers? Either way, it may be time to replay this look with some different accessories… I think it’s time to try the white column with the taupe accents of my Summer Capsule Beauty Bundle! Hmmm. Sounds like a Style/Restyle post to me!

300 = Outfits from 32 Pieces

Here’s another post from last summer that’s had time to find itself. These capsule math posts catch the eye, don’t they? How can you possibly get more than 300 outfits from 32 pieces of clothing? Magic? Well, you can read how it works, but there’s no magic. The magic is in choosing pieces that coordinate. That means making sure all your colors play nicely in the same sandbox, choosing pieces whose colors have similar undertone, intensity and value. When I choose from within my Sublime color palette, the magic is effortless!

How About You?

Do you have a post from the past year that’s one of your favorites and didn’t make this list? What’s your favorite cake? Celebratory beverage? Do tell! And most of all: Thank you for reading and celebrating with us!

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t still be here, so thank YOU for making this birthday celebration possible. I appreciate you!

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      Thank you so much, Carol! I appreciate your readership and thoughtful comments. Not to mention the gorgeous jewels your create!

    • Liz K

      Many thanks, Angie! Chocolate torte with and organic red sounds fab! We’ll bump glasses and wish for many more for both of us!


    Liz, Happu Birthday!! So glad your hear!! My favorite cake is Gluten-free Carrot cake ith cream cheese frosting. Served ith coffee, of course! I loved your Spring Capsule very much!!. Any post you do on earing colors or on earing accessories!! Plus your post on A, B etc!! !So enjoy your site, Thank you for all your hard ork!!! You inform and you do so ith an encouraging voice!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Natalie! Carrot cake is a favorite here at our house, too. My favorite is GF. Do you put orange zest in the cream cheese icing? It’s Ah. May. Zing!

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