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Happy Blogday to Me!

Thank you, dear reader!

We’re having a little party today here at! Today is my blog’s first birthday (or first bloggiversary?), so to celebrate, I am sharing this past year’s most popular posts. I am pleasantly surprised to still be here, and enjoying your company. I wasn’t sure I would have enough to say to keep writing for a year, but more keeps bubbling to the surface. Hope you find at least one new (to you) post to enjoy! Thank you for reading, for your comments, and your support! Enjoy a glass of something fizzy with me and read on…

Style Posts

Simple Style really resonated, with readers, and continues to be a popular one that people search for… I think the need for simplicity says a lot about our times.

I was surprised that Choosing a Color Palette was number two among the style posts. I know color can be a real challenge for women (and men). I find that that the 2+2 base offers a balance of structure and flexibility that works both when starting from scratch, and from an existing closet full of clothes.

I was prepared for hate mail, trolls, and flaming bags of doggie waste when I hit the publish button on Leggings are Not Pants, but the blogosphere truly surprised me. The unhappy ignored it, and feedback was positive. (I am aware that can change in a heartbeat!)

I don’t suppose there was any surprise that Style Tips to Look Thinner made the Top 5. It is one of the first questions clients (and others) ask me when they find out what I do. Even with more diverse body shapes and sizes showing up in the media, we still feel inadequate about our size… I doubt that doing away with the swimsuit competition aspect of the Miss America pageant will make much of a difference on that, but one can hope!

My 80/20 Capsule (spring) experiment and the updates at One Month and Two Months seem to run in tandem with that same need for ease and simplicity that made Simple Style the number one post.

Other Posts

It is insane to go to Arizona in the middle of summer, but Wickenburg, Arizona is worth the trip any time of the year! I still do not understand how the first European descended settlers decided that the Arizona desert would be a good place to call home.

Sometimes my musings are only marginally style related, and this one must have touched a heart or two. Rereading it again after almost a year, Limitations still makes me emotional. And still dammit.

So how about you? Is your favorite post here, or did you choose another? I’d love to know what you’ve liked, and what you’d like to read more about! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! I really do love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours, and Cheers!


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