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Happy Blogiversary!

I’m SIX!

(No, NOT Six the Musical. I’m fabulous, but not that fabulous!)

Happy day, Reader Dearest!


It’s not my regular blogging day.


It’s a big day today.

Closet Play Image turns 6!

Which qualifies as a miracle.

If you are a longtime reader, you will remember that I had to place the blog on hold late last summer due to Mama’s health issues. I’m thankful she’s doing better and that I am able to be here with you today. When I resumed blogging this past February, I wondered if anyone would still be here. You were!

All I can say is, Thank you. You bless me.

As is my Blogiversary habit, today I’m sharing the three most popular posts of the past year. (Not in any particular order…)

Bust a Myth

Find Some Inspo

Let’s Go French?

How About You?

What have you been up to this past year? Trouble? Do tell… I SO love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, Happy 6th Blog Anniversary!! I’m so glad your back!! My husband & I are enjoying life as much as I’m physically able!! Loved every blog post today!! I find hot pink & orange to be daring but I wore the combination in High School and LOVED it!! It would not be beyond me to try some items with this combination today if in the right mood!! I’m a navy shoe girl with navy because it does feel too heavy to wear black shoes with navy me!! I LOVE Carolyn’s little French Outfit Chart but agree with you leaving my purse behind is NOT a option and I’m NOT losing accessories to carry y bag!!! I would LOVE for you to make us a chart to dress from!! I would give it a try!!! Have a Blessed week!!

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