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Please feel free to call me Liz! Most of my friends do! I am a Image and Wardrobe Coach, and Absolute Color System Personal Color Consultant living in the CSRA. (That’s the Central Savannah River Area for you non-locals! AKA: Augusta, Georgia and the surrounding area) I work with clients locally and virtually, and travel for workshops and speaking engagements. I am an Association of Image Consultants International–Certified Image Consultant and the VP of Education for our AICI regional chapter.

I believe that everyone has STYLE! Style is the outward expression of YOUR personality. Fashion is the language used to express that style. The $64,000 question is: Does your style say what you want it to about you? Does your wardrobe fit your lifestyle and budget, support your goals, and flatter your body? You get dressed everyday, shouldn’t you feel great when you walk out the door? Or simply catch sight of yourself in the mirror!

Why I Do What I Do

Reason 1: I know what it’s like to lose your style! I always loved fashion and style, ever since I was a girl. I worked fashion retail in high school, university and afterwards. I left fashion retail and like many of us changed careers more than once, got married, had children… That life stuff. All that time, I continued to help friends and family with their style struggles: packing for trips, choosing and styling looks for special events, shopping. Fast forward: Our sons were mostly grown; we had moved our last military move; we were settling into a new life. And I was growing into a new me, but my wardrobe wasn’t keeping pace. The more I changed and became more me, the more the clothes in my closet looked like they belonged to someone else. I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. All I could think was “Is this what my mid-life crisis looks like? No flashy car?”

Our world journeying had come to an end, but my style journey was just beginning. I read voraciously, studied, learned about style and building wardrobes (vice buying clothes), sought and received brilliant insight and advice from another image consultant. I saw how the woman I was becoming wasn’t served by the colors and styles that had worked for so long. There was nothing wrong with my body; I was simply changing, and it was time for my style to change with me! The butterfly doesn’t go around moaning that the chrysalis doesn’t fit anymore, she embraces those new wings and flies!

Now, in the morning, I look into a wardrobe that is my own personal boutique. Everything in there makes me look and feel my best. That’s empowering! And I want to share that feeling with you!

Reason 2: Meet Lina… She taught me how much image matters.

So in 2017, I founded Closet Play Image. This enterprise combines my passion for authentic personal style, classroom teaching experience, and professional image and color training. I teach the language of style to my clients, helping them find the confidence to step into new adventures! I blog three times weekly, am active on Instagram and other social media platforms. In addition, I speak to women’s groups about spirituality and style, and provide training workshops to businesses and non-profits in the area. I think of myself as a mindful dressing (and color) evangelist!

Closet Play Image is in the business of making the world a more lovely place, one outfit at a time. We don’t sell clothes; we preach and teach the gospel of mindful dressing: mindful of self, lifestyle, budget, and the planet.  We help our clients discover, appreciate, love, and shine their best selves–Empowerment through Style.

Thank you for visiting!

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!

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