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How to Pack: Travel Outfits

Good day, dearest reader!

My last post was all about how I choose how to pack for a trip, and included the example of a wardrobe shown above. Today, I’ll talk through these choices and we can see how they play out for my hypothetical adventure.

Check the Weather

For this trip, the weather is supposed to be dry with daytime temps in the 60’s and 70’s, nights dipping into the low 50’s. Ideal! No need for heavy outerwear; a jean jacket and cozy sweater will be just fine. I might add a pair of leather gloves to wear if I think I will be out for extended periods in the evenings or early mornings.

Travel Clothes

Grey chinos and a tee are comfy for a 4 hour car ride. Hubby likes the car colder than I do, so the scarf and jacket will be appreciated if the sun isn’t shining in to warm the van.


This is an urban 5 day trip, but a decidedly college town feel, so it has a more casual vibe. There are no work meetings, or clients to meet! I’m not counting on laundry, since the trip is short. The itinerary includes a fancy dinner somewhere special, a house tour, a museum or two, a couple of casual meals out, lazy people watching over coffee, window shopping, beer tasting, relaxed evenings in. Church on Sunday, and a late lunch/early dinner are on the plan. If the weather is clear, there will be a trip to an observatory, but that is starting to look doubtful. (Sadness.)


The loafers are good for miles of walking, and even the pumps are comfortable enough for a day of window shopping and people watching over coffee. (And it’s nice to have a pretty pair of shoes on in case something in the window catches the eye, and must be tried on with a nice shoe!) The pumps, although low, are still refined enough for dinner out. (Car/Restaurant/Car shoes are rarely practical to pack. Unless your itinerary includes a gala or an awards show!)

The Rest, Accessories, Bags

If the temps stay warm, and the sun comes out, the tank and jeans or chinos will be just right for sightseeing. The jean jacket and sweater top the tank or any of the shirts for a little extra warmth, and in a pinch, the purple tank can be an extra layer under the other tops if it stays on the dreary or chilly side. I would even layer the cardigan over the jean jacket if I was feeling particularly chilled. (Alas, those gorgeous sleeves make it impractical to go under the jean jacket.)

The relaxed dress works well for the fancy dinner amped up with a shawl and wallet as a clutch. The dress is on the plan for church, and will be just as happy museum wandering with the jean jacket and loafers as jeans or the chinos would be. The silk scarf lets me elevate the look of any of the separates or the dress, and if an extra pop of color is needed, looks fabulous tied around a belt loop, wrist, or hanging off the strap of the purse. The jewels, in varying shades from lilac to violet, add color even if the clothing for the day is all neutrals.

The crossbody will be my everyday bag, but if I want to go lighter, my wallet can double as a clutch, that allows me to lock the crossbody in the car, or leave it in our room. My Six-Pack and toiletries will easily fit into the wheelie bag and there is more than enough room for undies, and maybe even a box of chocolates… Yes, it is a Valentine’s Day trip!

I think I could travel quite happily for weeks with this combination, although I would want another pair of shoes! Maybe a pair of sneakers?

What are your travel Must-Haves? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below! I do love to hear from you…

Stay Stylish!

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