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Jean Jacket

Lovely day, dear reader!

An ode…

O, jean jacket, jean jacket, what would I do.

Were I ever to find my poor self without you?

No zippers, no snaps, nor embroidery needed.

The old fashioned trucker is classic indeed(ed).

Styles are fickle, when fashions turn tide,

Others may leave you, and cast you aside.

Your denim is sturdy, and stylish, and true.

You’re loyal, relaxed, and my bestest in blue.

(Note: At my house, we celebrate International Bad Poetry Day…)


Yup. I have clearly lost my mind. I need a break from all the recent Levels of Refinement posts. (And there is still another in the pipeline!) But really, I love my jean jacket. I have owned many over the years. I remember a bright pink one (It was the 80’s), a black one (I sewed leopard trim onto one of the pocket flaps.), and a white one. My mother gave me a red one for a gift. It did not stay in my closet long. I always come back to my trusty blue. I’m not particular about brand. I do not understand paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a denim jacket (Yes, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen, I am talking about you.); my current is from Target. It’s still hanging in there after close to ten years. But it is starting to thin (I wish) and show signs of wear (Aren’t we all?). Lest you think it lives an easy life, I wear it twelve months of the year. The only time I remember being without it was in the fall of 2017 when I did my Baker’s Dozen Capsule experiment. Even then, I included a denim shirt that could be worn as a jacket. And it was. A lot.

Every year there is a fashion season that shouts “Denim is in!” I roll my eyes. Is denim ever out? But thankfully, this spring, I can wear my trusty jacket safe in the knowledge that I am “on trend.” I rarely wear blue denim bottoms with my blue denim jacket, but since Denim on Denim is big this year, I may just need to step into a new level of jean-iousness.

A denim jacket is often found on the Must-Have lists ubiquitous to style blogs everywhere. And as much as I dislike the lists themselves, a denim jacket is certainly on mine!

My jean jacket dresses down a dress, or office wear. It covers cold shoulders at restaurants and movie theatres. It works as outerwear when the weather is mild, and an indoor topper when the weather is cold. It’s perfect for cushioning a tush on hard seating, or protecting clothing when sitting on the ground. It’s also the first thing I grab when packing for a trip.

How about you? Do you have a jean jacket? What color? Is yours a staple, or an afterthought? Is it your personality or your lifestyle that makes a jean jacket work for you, or not? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below… I love to hear your thoughts!

Stylishly yours,




And many thanks to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for the Link-Up!

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