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Happy day, reader dear!

How are you? It’s getting hard out there again. In here I’m going to keep it light and fluffy. Not because I’m oblivious, but because I think a little distraction is healthy for the mind and spirit!

Today let’s chat about holiday style. In a normal year, I’d be thinking office holiday party, cocktail party, possibly even holiday wedding style, but 2020 calls for something more relaxed. Not pajamas relaxed, mind you, and not the ugly holiday sweater! Let’s aim for an outfit that is casual and comfortable, but still feels festive (And dare I say it? Cute!).

I’ve written a LOT about blue jeans and white tees. Which makes sense, because Blue Jeans + White Tee is not only a classic combination, it’s the default outfit recipe for many a human! Google (Or Pinterest search) Jeans and White Tee Outfit and you will come across more hits that you can view in 24 hours. Which means this post will simply be a drop in the ocean. That certainly takes the pressure off!

So let’s style Jeans + White Tee with three different Holiday Style vibes! I’ll take two from my Winter Capsule Palette Dilemma: Sugar Plum Fairy and Holiday Hygge. And the third? Well, I’m not sure… It will be a surprise that will pop up as I get styling. Since all three of these looks are based on the same jeans and white tee, this styling will all be about the accessories. If it’s too cold for a tee where you live, substitute a long sleeved top or sweater for the tee. All three will still work!

Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar plum made me think pink and purple and sparkle. So a lilac scarf, a pink pendant and more pink and soft sheen around the wrists. Why pumps? Two reasons: 1) I LOVE pumps with jeans. 2) When I think fairy, I think light on the feet, flitting about. Pairing this look with chunky shoes would have been too heavy and lacking in lightness. Add lavender nail varnish, and you are all set! Need another layer? Pop on a pink or purple cardigan. Now I want to order a lilac beret…

Holiday Hygge

Snuggle up in a scarf and cozy cardie! Just make sure to make it merry!

Hygge is all about cozy and homey. So let’s start with a soft fringed Scandi style printed scarf and flats. Slip-ons are also slip-offs! These red flats slide right off when it’s time to snuggle down on the sofa with a hot cocoa and your favorite holiday movie and tuck your toes under your better half. I didn’t even bother with jewelry, except for small pewter dangle earrings. (I can’t leave empty ear holes!) Bright red toenails would be the perfect finish. A touch of red even when the shoes are off! Top it off with a chunky oatmeal or grey sweater. If you need more warmth… Add a beanie?

Snow Queen (But Not a Scary One!)

The color here is much more subtle.

The first two looks are very relaxed, so I wanted one to play with a little more drama. In this case, shine and sparkle. Let’s double up on the necklaces in silvers, greys and blues, add crystal earrings for even more sparkle, two bracelets on opposite wrists for drama and gunmetal metallic heels. I could sub in silver sandals here, but peep toes are chilly enough for the season! For warmth? The snow queen is never cold, but in this case, I think a grey cashmere poncho, or a shawl would suit her grandeur!

So, How About YOU?

Are you a jeans and tee kind of woman? Or do you prefer (or need) your daily looks more polished? You could take any of the looks above and drop the accessories onto a column of color for a more polished look with real WOW! To see what I mean, try this post here for some inspiration. It’s all about building a little holiday capsule by pulling together what’s (probably) already in your closet! What do you see yourself dressing in for holiday cheer? IRL or virtual, it’s all the same to me! Do tell! There’s plenty of room in the comments!

Stylishly yours,

PS: I had to throw this extra variation in… Because I found the lacy overshirt in my donate pile and thought, Ooooooh! I think I may have found my New Year’s Eve outfit!


    • Liz K

      You are most welcome, Carol! Thank you for visiting! The beaded necklace in your recent post could play nicely with this, too!

    • Liz K

      I’m having second thoughts about donating that top, too, Lise… I’ve had it in my Special Occasion Capsule for more than two years, and it still has the price tag on. That tells me I’m not likely to wear it anytime soon, either. Sigh. This might be the year!

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