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Learning New Things: Beauty Forum

I am all about learning new things! You don’t even need to sell me on how what you want to teach me will help me today, or even this week. I just like to learn. You never know when something you learn today, that seems totally unrelated to your life, may be just the knowledge you need tomorrow… (Buy me a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you my tax preparation school story!) Or you may simply have been gifted information to share with others.

I had a learning adventure this morning! I was fortunate to be invited to a Personal & Beauty Care Forum sponsored by  the Greater Augusta Black Chamber of Commerce. There were representatives from many personal & beauty care businesses and schools in attendance, including students from the some of the local cosmetology and barbering schools. To the best of my knowledge, I was the only Image and Wardrobe Coach there, unless another one slipped in after we made the introductions! I went in with eyes and ears wide open, to learn as much as I could about the issues and problems salon owners and other beauty related businesses have, and what problems might be specific to black business owners, and how those problems affect their clientele.

What a variety of perspectives, and a wealth of experience was there this morning! I met some wonderful professionals, with whom I hope to connect again soon. I learned about cosmetology schools and barbering schools, on both sides of the river, and met a lovely young woman in the middle of big life changes who seems a little unsure if she is making the right decision.

One of the reasons I love what I do as an Image & Wardrobe Coach is that I get to learn everyday. Maybe I am learning about new trends or colors, or learning about a new client and his life and goals, to help that client get the most out his wardrobe dollar. Tomorrow could be meeting with a salon owner to find out what kind of image she wants her salon and stylists to project, and presenting a workshop to help her make that dream a reality.

What kinds of things do you want to learn? Please share with me in the comments below!

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