Why Choosing the Right Wardrobe Boosts Confidence and Success

Buzz on Biz May 2019


Influencers of Midlife

(Such a flattering still! How do they pick them?)

What Color Is Your Business?

Buzz on Biz February 2018 (page 18)


Uniform Apparel: Parallels between Military Dress Codes and Civvies

Buzz on Biz January 2018


A Sharper Image: How you dress can factor into professional success

Augusta Chronicle December 2017


How you dress can affect your mood

Augusta Chronicle December 2017 (sidebar)


Business Code

Deciphering What Various Business Dress Styles Mean

Buzz on Biz December 2017 (page 16)


Casual Confusion

Business Casual May Not Mean the Same Thing to Everyone

Buzz on Biz November 2017


Did I Say That?

How You Dress for Work Speaks Volumes

Buzz on Biz October 2017


Dressed for Success

Clarity, Consistency Take Stress out of Employee Dress Issues

Buzz on Biz September 2017 (page 26)


Podcast: Buzz on Biz Interview

August 2017

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