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Medical Leave

I’d like to say, Happy Day, but it’s not, Reader Dearest.

I’m struggling. Mightily.

Mama’s health took a turn for the worse mid-July.

She’s still with us at home and needs constant assistance. We aren’t sure whether to expect improvement. There’s a lot of not knowing going around. I need to be okay with that and it’s hard.

Coordinating care is a battle in this country. She has fabulous insurance but the hoops you have to jump through for assistance and the like is stupid. (I don’t use that word often, but if the shoe fits…)

Meanwhile, sleep is something Mr. CP and I take turns getting.

It is with a heavy heart that I sign off. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I hope I’ll be able to post every once in a while. Maybe not. I wish I could give you some guarantee, but I can’t. Please make sure to subcribe to the blog so you won’t miss any posts I manange to create.

So thank you Reader Dear. For reading. For commenting. For spending some of your precious time with me over the past five years. Any of it you spend with me is a gift. And if you’re new here, there are plenty of posts you can catch up on! 😉

Exhausted and not so stylishly yours,


  • Jules

    Thinking of you. Caregiving is a difficult task, made harder by the emotional burden of love. Your readers will be here when you are able to return.

  • Susan Ward

    Dearest Liz. My thoughts are with you at this challenging time. My mother just passed after months of decline but even during that time we created wonderful memories that I will keep with me always. You are an angel to be keeping her at home and taking on the care yourself. I’m sure that means so much to her. I know it did to my mother too. I have been with you since the beginning but hiding quietly in the wings….you are good at this Liz so we hope to see you back when the time is right. Take care of yourself too. Sue

  • Sarah

    I’m so very sorry that your mother is not doing well. It is a hard situation to navigate, and your heart must be heavy. Family understandably must be your priority. Sending good juju and hugs.


    Liz, I am so sorry that your going through this right now!! I’m praying and will continue to pray for you & your mom!! You don’t know exactly what’s going on but the LORD does and He is in control every step of the way!! I will miss you but I truly understand!! God Bless!! Natalie K P.S. Yes, our medical system has some dumb loopholes!! Even with good insurance!! I truly know!!

  • CiM

    Oh, Liz! My heart goes out to you and your mama and Mr. CP!

    What you are going through is all too familiar – through situations we walk through which remind me so much of yours. I feel for you – and I mean it when I say I will pray for you all!

    Please know your readers care about you and feel for you during this very difficult time. No one is tapping their foot in frustration. We will all be right here when life becomes more free again for you – and oh, how we pray that day will – come for all your sakes! Hoping your mother will be able to recover and feel more like herself – and you with her.

    with love,

    Cathy in Missouri

  • Barb Penner

    So very sorry to hear about your mama. Of course we do not expect you to be posting for your blog at this time. All your efforts have to go in caring for your mother and you cannot do both. Hope to hear from you again but your immediate future is caring for your mother, yourself and family. Take the best care.

  • Sara

    Oh DEAR Liz and Mr. CP.
    My heart is with you.
    Good insurance is (I’m finding as I navigate this same path with my mother) no help when NO help is available. My mother lived with us for 6 years and 24/7 care became necessary last year. Alas, we tried and we tried hard but it’s simply not sustainable long term…here I exhale a long, deep, sorrow filled sigh.
    Things I’ve learned…
    Please, take care of YOURSELF first. You can help no one if you are depleted. If someone, anyone offers help, LET THEM help. Because…outside home care help is next to impossible to get. IF you can find it, and that is a big IF !!! Post pandemic health care is frightfully lacking.
    I and all of us who have been with you faithfully will be here still…holding you and supporting you in our thoughts and hearts.

  • Susan

    I am terribly sorry your mother’s health has declined and understand that family is your priority. I will pray for all of you. Please do return to posting when you are feeling up to it. You are my favorite blogger because you keep it real. Hugs to you!! 🙂

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