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Mid-Season Capsule Update

Happy day, reader dear!

April 15 is a big day! No, I don’t mean tax day. It’s mid April, so that means it’s time for the spring capsule update with what’s working, what’s not, lessons learned, and maybe some other random lightbulb moments. Just as an aside, please feel free to Pin any of the images here and share the love! It helps you remember what you’ve seen, and it helps me, too! Thanks…

My spring capsule wardrobe did not come together easily. Here’s the original post, and my inspiration board…

This looks polished now, but there was a lot of awkward fumbling to get here!


Even with the rough start (Or maybe because of it?), I am LOVING this capsule! I feel like it hits a real capsule happy place… I’m still trying to put a finger on the whys. Part of it is the colors. The lighter colors feel calm without being “cold,” the vibe is distinctly feminine, and I’ve been craving simple, hence the One-and-Done vibe. A little further exploration led to three Style Touchstones (Post about that to come!) Even though I want my looks to be One-and-Done, plain or androgynous won’t work for me, so Simple Soft Drama is my Touchstone.


(1) Okay, not really a surprise: Laundry. I do a lot more laundry with all these light colored pieces. That’s okay. The only time it becomes an issue is for travel… I came back from the AICI Global Conference in Chicago and headed to the cleaners the very next day.

(2) For a girl who tends to maximize and run with the bling, this simplicity is a lovely vacation. I don’t see it as a permanent shift, but more like a palette cleanser. I’m sure at some point I’ll want to go all maximal again, channeling my inner Iris, but for now sleek is making me happy. Most of my jewelry is away in its plastic shoebox, and I have less choices to make. I thought I might struggle, but I’m loving it!

(3) My princess blue sandals have only gotten one wear. That makes me sad, but now that warmer weather is here, and I have returned from the chilly Midwest (Compared to Georgia, that is!), I expect them to see more daylight!

(4) Packing for the conference in Chicago was waaaayyyy easier than I expected! I just kept it really simple and tight. Two neutrals. One color. Gala wear. Done. Hmmmm, sounds like a potential post…

Six Favorites (Why Six? 3 Work & 3 Play!)

Rather than just give you five favorites, which regularly end up all play (or casual) looks, I chose to break it out into work and play, since some people need more of one than the other. Let me know if this works better for you!

Below are my three favorite work looks… It’s funny how you can see the weather getting warmer! How does that Simple Soft Drama play out in these three? I see soft in the first shot as the greys and swishy floral of the wrap dress, along with the soft pink neckerchief. Not much drama in the first, but the middle and right definitely have some of that! The oversized scarf brings drama to a simple column of grey, and the asymmetrical hem shirt dress worn as a tunic swirls as I move. Those silver pumps shout, too. Everything else in both these looks is simple and spare.

Now onto play! Simple: Not a lot of jewelry or color. Drama? The scarves, and the gigantic earrings in the first picture. Soft? The drape of the scarves, the swish of the wide legged trousers, the suede pumps in the middle and in the last picture. Now I know wearing a scarf and earrings with jeans might be just tooooo much for some people, but for me it’s still simple. That’s the amazing thing about style. It reflects your personality, values, and lifestyle. If it doesn’t, it’s time for a style makeover! (If it IS your time, I’d love to help!)


Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to swap out some of my darker heavier choices for lighter and cooler replacements. I’m adding the blush skirt I picked up in Chicago to replace my red wool. It’s time to wash and store my dark green floral dress. I love it, but it’s just too warm… And my ancient snap front denim shirt? I’d love to trade it out for a short sleeved version, but mine is very blousy, and I want to keep that narrower silhouette.

My trusty Levi’s 501’s are in need of patching… I have a newer pair; it may just be time to bleach and crop them. I’m considering throwing my skinny jeans in with the bleach, too; they feel too darned dark and out of sync with the lightness of this palette. I expect to carry that light feel through summer, so bleach isn’t a drastic decision!

How about you? What season are you dressing for now? Are there transitions for you? Have you found your style sweet spot? If so, how has that process rolled out? I’d love to know! Please share in the comments below…

Stylishly yours,

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