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My 5 Ride or Die Shoes for Spring & Summer

A Prediction

Happy day, reader dear!

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball?

I find one would come in awfully handy when shopping…

You know how it is. You see a darling blouse, pair of shoes, earrings, or whatever! And you think, Enh, I don’t need that. I have a perfectly good one/pair at home. OR you think YES! I must have this. I will be perfect for…

Which is EXACTLY why I want the crystal ball.

Then I could see whether the perfect for occasion will arise, or if the perfectly good one I have at home will no longer be perfectly good when occasion arises.

Actually, I don’t want to know the future! (That sounds like a nightmare.) BUT I would like to know whether I am spending my money well or poorly.

What is it they say on financial products? Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Like back in the fall of 2019 when you bought those pricey AND fabulous boots and discovered you should have bought more leggings and bedroom slippers. Hindsight, peeps.

Which Is…

Why writing a post called My 5 Ride or Die Shoes for Spring/Summer may be a fools errand! I’m not putting all my eggs in the past-performance basket, but if you’ve been around me for any time at all, you’ll know I’m awfully fond of Dwight. No, Dwight is NOT my hubby, that’s Curtis! BUT DDE is the man I quote most often.

Plans are useless. Planning is essential.

Dwight David Eisenhower

Prosaic, indeed. Why couldn’t some sort of elegant fashion wisdom roll off my tongue regularly?

If I look at my past performance and my preferences (Driven by my top Style Personality Archetypes.) and filter those through the lens of my Spring Capsule Inspiration

To clarify: These are not my picks for YOU. Only you can decide what works for you! Don’t think of the following shoes as Must-Have ites, but as categories to consider. My crystal ball predicts these will see the most wear…

Refined Flat (or Low) Sandal

By refined, I mean it will have narrow straps and a thin sole. (If you want to read more about refinement, try this!) Narrow straps and thin soles is how I roll. Thick soles and straps read as more sporty. (And clunky on my petite frame.) You won’t be finding me running out to buy a pair of Birkies. They are cool, just not my kind of cool. Since the trends have been all about the flatform and the sport or lug-soled sandal, I’ve been struggling to find a pair of flat sandals that work for me. Especially since I prefer a strap around the back or ankle to keep them on my feet. I’m praying for Ebay to come to my rescue! Here’s the kind I’d like. Super simple.

You can find them here. Please leave a pair for me…

Chunky Heeled Sandal

This will be a high heeled sandal. Something I can wear for church, a night out, or to dress up jeans and a cute blouse. Something like this…

Yes, they have gel pads in the bottom… WAY more comfortable and keep my narrow foot from sliding!

Comfort Sandal

This is a no-brainer that might also be a flat sandal OR a chunky low-heeled sandal. When I say comfort sandal, I mean that pair you can walk miles in for sightseeing. You might consider surf or hiking sandals your comfort sandal. I have a pair of those for sporty days but prefer a comfort sandal that’s equally at home museum hopping and dining out for regular daily wear.

Yes, choosing three of the five to be sandals might be a LOT but our springs here in Georgia feel more like summer where you live! Unless you happen to live in FL, TX or AZ.

Closed Flat

The classic ballet flat is probably what comes to mind first but there are oodles of options out there! Flat opera style slippers. Relaxed loafers. Mules. Your closed flat might be a sneaker!

I love these shoes so much that I bought them in multiple colors. That is NOT something I normally do, but they are so darned comfortable… AND a little sassy.

Colored Pump/Slingback

I prefer a slingback to a pump for the lighter (and cooler) feel! If you live in a colder place, I’d go for a closed back. These blue ones fit my color palette and make me want to sing a little Elvis…

Before You Ask:

Where are the sneakers? Not here. I have nothing against sneakers! I love the trainer trend. Just not on me. I wear trainers for PT, but not for everyday. I prefer a more refined (And cooler!) shoe. But, you do you!

Can I push my luck and add a bonus shoe?


Besides sandals, nothing shouts BRING ON THE SUN like a pair of espadrilles! They come in all heights and materials, open, closed, fabric or leather. I bought my first pair of flat closed espadrilles at YPER back when we lived in Athens. That’s Greece. NOT Georgia. They were black. I wore them out and bought my second pair there, too. Blue and white stripes. The things you remember, hunh? Espadrilles come and go on the style front but are always in style in my book. I prefer buckle or slip on versions to the ones that tie around the ankle. Love the look of ties, but they shorten my already Lilliputian legs.

I wanted these in blue and waited too long last year… Blush turned out to be even better!

What Could Go Wrong?

Well, the weather for one! March came in with a week of warm days and then our temps plunged again. I rarely wear boots in March, but this spring has given us more cold (and wet) days than we are accustomed to! Another issue? I still don’t have a go-to pair of flat sandals. Maybe the weather is giving me a change to catch up? I could also simply ruin a pair in a rainstorm or by tripping and scraping them to heck on the pavement. Yes, that’s been known to happen… Poetry in motion I am not.

A final question: Has merely writing this article affected the outcome? Schrodinger’s cat-like?

How About YOU?

Have you found past performance to be a good predictor of future returns? Are you ready to shake up your style and try something new? What shoes are practical for spring where you live? Rainboots? Are you still in snowboots? Something else?

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, I believe what I find challenging dressing for Spring & Fall here in Arizona is that we have no time for third pieces that really make outfits during this transitional time!! We already have 96 degree weather!! I long for Springy outfits that are for hot weather and Fall colored clothing outfits during out hot Fall weather which you have shown a few in the past!! I would love for you to write how to do this during Spring now and give examples!! That would be wonderful!!! I believe many of us would benefit greatly!!!

    • Liz K

      I understand the hot weather/third piece dilemma, Natalie! Georgia’s hot and sticky aren’t three piece friendly most of the year, either. Thank you for the post idea! What colors in particular do you associate with spring? Since I wear my palette colors year round, I could use some help with your thought process!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    Very thought-provoking and helpful post, particularly as it prompted me to go back and read your posts on Style Personalities. I’m Feminine, but prefer Classic bottoms. I find “past performance” enlightening as it starkly reveals Bad vs Good purchases. Good purchases are my style, what I happily and easily put on and feel attractive and comfortable in – almost all in my Summer palette. They are Pretty. The Bad, not worn, what the hell was I thinking?? items were not purchased considering who I am. They were made with pipe dreams and a lack of awareness, reality and practicality, which is strange for my Virgo personality. I chalk it up to a bizarre war between my pragmatic mind and my Disney child heart, which I’ll never outgrow. Your blog name resonates so with me as I view dressing for each day as Play. Even when not dressing to leave the house, I love poring over my clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. and thinking of outfits to be made.

    • Liz K

      Buying for only the practical without taking personality into account is a recipe for wardrobe chaos! Thank you for sharing your wins and oops-es, Kathleen. There’s nothing wrong with a “Disney child heart”! It keeps you young (I mean, who’s going to argue with Peter Pan?) and having fun!


    Liz, What I find challenging for Spring & Fall seasons I believe is it is hot soon in Spring (89 this last four or five days) and hot longer in Fall!! I love toppers!! I think they make a outfit!! So, I need to find something else to make the outfits that doesn’t add warmth!!! I’m trying necklaces and earring worn separately to express me in my outfits!! I’m also considering a collection of braclets to wear when I wear earrings only!! Seems to be best solution!! I’ve also bought most of my Spring & Summer clothing now in cotton & linen!! Comfortable even in our extremely hot weather!! I will be buying more linen pieces!!!!

    • Liz K

      Linen is fabulous in the heat, Natalie! If a third piece feels finished, it can be hard in the hot months. I have a few clients who love sleeveless jackets/vests, flowy kimonos and statement necklaces to create that third piece feel. We’re in the midst of a few cooler (and wet) days, so I am enjoying the 70’s while I can!

  • Sally in St Paul

    I’m rotating between ankle boots and closed flats right now. I detest sandals so I’m lucky I don’t really need them where I live! I think I could make a closed toe sandal work but the styles are often not as refined as I prefer.

    • Liz K

      Sounds about right for the Midwest, Sally! Growing up in WI, it took me a long time to get into sandals… But when you live in Athens, Greece and have no A/C, you learn. Good thing I figured that out because there was a stint in Spain and now we live in Georgia. My feel would melt…

  • Caroline Norris

    Hi Liz, Caroline here from Leeds, UK! I love your blog, always gives me something to think about!
    My current shoe obsession is nude heels, proving elusive as all the ones I’ve seen since my old ones died have been warm rather than cool toned, or sky-scraper high 🙄.
    Your previous post struck a chord, I definitely have colour obsessions! Last year was all about pink. This year’s colour obsession is emerald green, frustrating as although it’s in my palette, it’s not my best colour. I’m keeping it to accessories and now have a green beauty bundle of bag, earrings, ring, bracelet & sandals- wouldn’t have thought of doing that without your blog/advice!

    • Liz K

      What a treat to meet you, Caroline! Nude heels are a bear to find when your coloring is cool… I find looking for other names rather than “nude” works better for me in a nude shoe hunt. Blush, clay, soft rose, taupe, mavue, sand (Don’t ask me why, that one makes no sense to me!), bare, creme and opal. I know there are more I’ve seen, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with Color Obsessions (or Waves? That sounds healthier!) Your emerald bundle sounds darling! XO


    Liz, I have found my past purchases to be good one!! I’m secure it how I express myself through style especially in the warner months!! In Fall/Winter I feel I need to step out a little more so I’m taking steps to do that. I feel more free to express myself with hot weather clothing!! I do need help with transtioning weather both in the Spring and Fall! I realize I basically am missing pieces I think I need for both of those seasons!!! I’ve been able to buy very little so far this Spring. I won’t be spending next month. Promise to myself which is really difficult!! That’s why I need to!! Looking forward to May!! Perhaps there will be sales!! Or I may just miss out!!

    • Liz K

      Glad your past purchases have been good ones, Natalie! Fun to know that hot weather is a more expressive style time for you, especially since you live in hot much of the year. What is it about Spring and Fall that you find challenging? That sounds like post inspiration to me…

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