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Fall/Winter Copycat Review

Happy day, Reader Dear!

It’s almost that Copycat Style time of the month, but…

As this is a month of rest (rest-ish) and reflection as we head into fall, it seemed a good time to look back at my Copycat Style posts and choose some favorites.

I’m thinking those favorites might could inform some of my wardrobe choices for the fall/winter seasons.

Wondering about that use of might-could? Landon can explain… (There are a few Southern-isms that I can get behind!)

After reviewing my Fall/Winter French 5, I had a moment of panic.

Yes, all these pieces are great staples.

Yes, they will play well with what I already own.

But there was a little niggle in the back of my head…

Do they work with the Copycat Style looks that I have liked for Fall and Winter? (Let’s define F/W as September through March, shall we?)

Let’s find out! I’ll choose three of my favorite F/W Copycat Style Looks and take another look at my F/W French 5 to see how they play together. Sound good?

What IS Copycat Style?

Copycat Style is taking inspiration, and making it mine. Or in your case, copycat for YOU! I take looks that have caught my eye and adapt them to my wardrobe, my style and my shape. I talk through the process in the hope that in following how I break this down to make it work for me, you can be inspired to shop your wardrobe, get more and better use from what you own, and have some fun! If you’d like to see all the Copycat Style posts, you can find them here:

In no particular order:

Look 1

This cool pastel winter look from Winter 2021/22 doesn’t look at all in sync with the more vibrant colors of my French 5 purchases. However, I can certainly imagine restyling this outfit with the ivory booties OR with the magenta slingbacks and a more vibrant scarf, maybe this one from Day 1 of the great Scarf Style Challenge. (For more about scarves, this final installment post has links to all 50 scarf styles!)

Want to see the inspiration for this look?

Look 2

This colorful combo from 2020 doesn’t appear to have any connection whatsoever with my picks for fall/winter, but let’s turn it upside down. If I put the dark on the bottom and the bright on top, I’m seeing the green trousers with a striped tee and the pink blazer. Here, the skirt is dressed down by the stripes and the moto jacket. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dress up the green trousers and tee with the blazer. AND those magenta slingbacks!

To see the original inspo, click here!

Look 3

Hmmm. This skirt was passed on a while ago since it no longer fits. Hopefully, I can substitute the green trousers from my French 5 and create outfits with the same colorplays as I did with the skirt! (Here’s hoping they fit when they arrive!) The trousers will sub in beautifully for the skirt in the Brunch Looks I posted back in 2021. Am I still obsessed with brunch? I’m all over a good Benny!

For the original post, read this!

My Fall/Winter French 5

If you haven’t already, check out those 5 wardrobe additions.

Stylishly yours,


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