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Spring/Summer 2020

Happy day, reader dear!

Yup. I do know. It’s trivial to be writing about style, fashion, and shopping right now, but sinking into the swirling morass that is the current news and social media freak-out isn’t very good for my mental health. Yes, I believe it’s imperative to stay safe and be informed, but that does not require plugging into the 24 hour news cycle. I’m of the opinion that we still need to get up, get dressed, and do what we need to that day. At home, of course! And since what I do is write and teach about style and wardrobing, that’s what I’ll do. Hopefully, Closet Play can be a little place to which you can escape!

As you read along, please keep in mind that you help out the blog (And me!) by Pinning images and sharing on social media when you find something that catches your eye. Or that you think will catch someone you know. Please share the love! It’s the best way for me (and the blog) to meet new people. None of us are getting out much right now!

What’s a French 5?

Or what you sometimes hear called a French 5 Wardrobe? Don’t panic! It doesn’t mean that you have only 5 pieces in your wardrobe. Nor is it an Add 5. (But it is a friendly relation!) The French 5 is a framework for thinking about your buying. Rather than buying anything (and everything) that catches your eye, the French 5 takes a more disciplined approach. Yes, you can shop when you like, but you limit your fashion purchases to five each fashion season. In this case, that means five for Spring/Summer, and five for Fall/Winter. If that seems drastic, you could try five for each of the four calendar seasons.

What’s Included in the 5

I’ve been (aspiring) to implement this French 5 for a few years now, and am getting better at it. Let me make clear: Your five doesn’t include “classic” pieces like jeans and tees, PT gear, underwear, etc. Some people also exclude accessories unless they are pricey. (And who decides what pricey means?) Ideally, your five are investment or more fashion forward pieces. That’s the reason for the note on my White Shirt! Since so many people consider a white shirt to be a wardrobe classic, it shouldn’t count, but the one I’ve included is definitely a different kind of white shirt.

What I’m Thinking for S/S 2020

If you read my Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe post, most of these images will look familiar. I found my white shirt (1) on Ebay, and would doll it up a bit if I could get to the store for eyelet trim. For now, I’m happy to wear it as is. I’m not holding my breath about baggy jeans (2), since dressing rooms aren’t on my schedule in the foreseeable future. I’m head over heels (pun intended) with my new white pumps (3). They look nothing like the ones on my board. If you’re interested, you can see mine in the 2020 Style Resolutions check-in post. The bag (4) is a challenge. I’m not ready to make an investment in a “tiny” bag like the one in the pic and in the coming April Copycat Style inspo pics. I’m looking for an inexpensive one to test-drive. Unfortunately, in the pre-loved market, I am only seeing expensive (and gorgeous) bags. I’m not even starting to think about (5) yet. I’ve learned to leave a little room for serendipity and may end up changing my mind completely!

So how about you? Do you shop on a schedule? Or whenever something catches your eye? Does it feel like you are buying clothes, or building a wardrobe? I’ve found the mindfulness of the French 5 helps me build rather than accumulate clothing higgledy piggledy. (I don’t get to say that nearly as often as I’d like!) Do you track how many items you buy or how much you spend on clothing? Is that idea too scary? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to know what you are thinking… And what YOU might want to hear about next!

Stay safe, sound, sane, and stylish! XO


    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you, Leslie! I have a love/hate relationship with white shoes… I associate them with nurses and summer grandma shoes. But back in the 80’s, I had a pair of white patent loafers that I loved. I think it’s a matter of staying as far from grandma shoes (and Easter Mary Janes) as possible! Enjoy your hunt! I hope to see them in a Fashion Haus post.

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