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Favorite Style Quotes

Happy day, reader dearest!

Fall is a season of learning…

We humans fearn from others and from our own experiments.

I don’t say mistakes, because as long as you learn from them, they aren’t mistakes!

It’s even better when you can learn from someone else’s mistakes.

And wisdom.

So to that end, today is a little style quote share. Not your typical style quotes, about the little black dress being perfect for everything. Or the perfect shoes making the outfit. (We already know that, right?) I prefer style quotes that make me tip my head and think, Hunh. Because I’ll take a little intellectual challenge any day!

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My Favorite Atypical Style Quotes

I just ran across this one recently, and it spoke to me. Maybe that’s why animal prints are always so popular? We all want to be just a little wild?

I LOVE this one because it speaks to the tyrrany of good taste. It must be the rebel in me…

This one directly addresses the myth that you have to spend a fortune to be well dressed! And Claire should know! (She’s also the author of one of my favorite style books ever. e.v.e.r. Grab yourself a copy, if for no other reason to see her illustrations!)

I’d alter this next quote to say wardrobe rather than house since we’re talking style, but you already knew that, didn’t you? (It is superb advice for the home!)

And who can argue with Coco? Why wouldn’t you wear the colors that make you glow? The false belief that everyone looks skinnier in black, maybe? That’s only part of the story…

How About You?

What is YOUR favorite style (or fashion) quote? Do any of the above speak to you? Whose? For what reason? Is it because of who/where you are now? Would it have spoken to you in your 20’s? Why or why not? I love to hear your thoughts… XO

Stylishly yours,

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