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Happy day to you, dear reader!

This was not today’s originally scheduled post. This was not a post on my planner at all. This one came out of nowhere and blindsided me. I had, as my husband would say, “a craving flung upon me.” Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, are white watches. And I want one. So this post is my effort at exorcism, or at least talking through the craving so maybe it will go away and leave me in peace…

I see white watches every summer. I had an oversized white watch a few summers ago, but rarely wore it; it slid about my wrist uncomfortably, and smacked my wristbone every time I lowered my hand. There were no more removable links, so I was stuck. Frame sizes on both ends of the spectrum, large and small, can struggle to find a watch that fits comfortably. I gave it up thinking white watches were not “my thing.” I just didn’t understand the appeal. Oversized is key for me, as a dainty white watch smacks of nurses’ uniforms from my childhood. They were the only women you ever saw wearing a white wristwatch. I never understood my negative white watch bias; maybe I associate white watches with a shot of penicillin in the booty?

This summer, however, the urge is back! I can pinpoint my craving to Memorial Day Weekend, when I was at an event with a friend. She had one on her sale table, and it kept winking slyly at me… “Hey, Liz, you know you’d love to take me home. I’d fit in so well with your planned summer capsule… I’d look so fresh and crisp with your denims, greys, whites, blushes, and mints.” If inanimate objects do not talk to you like this, I’m sorry. It really does make the world a more amusing place! And no, I don’t need medication for this…

Some Options

Here are a handful that have leaped out to assault me these past weeks. (Some I saw in-store, others on-line.)

The leather band and crystals around the face on this Peugeot watch give it a dressy feel. In contrast, it is very oversized (40 mm); that undoes all the “dressy,” and also does away with that dreaded nurse/penicillin association! Unfortunately, the gigantic lessens its versatility. It would need to be worn alone, and wouldn’t stack well.

The silicone band, triple dials, and sport bezel put this Invicta clearly into the sporty watch camp, but it’s a summer watch, right? It should be rough and ready for anything. This has that feel, and is not so big as to be clunky on my wrist. Not sure how I feel about a silicone band… It seems like it might be hot and sweaty. I am also concerned about it discoloring with heat and sunscreen. The price makes me uncomfortable for an item I don’t know will be a real keeper.

The leather band and floral detailing on the face of this Timex says “feminine,” and it is oversized on the wrist, keeping it from being precious. I’m not sure how I feel about the colors in the flowers… All these I could deal with; the real problem for me with this lovely watch is the lack of numbers. I need my watches to have numbers, or at the very least least tick marks all around the dial, rather than at just the quarters. It’s those little details that can completely change how you feel about what you buy and whether you will wear it.

This Peugeot has numbers at the quarters, and tick marks for the in betweens. That works for me! The jewels are “dressy” but the ceramic band (Has anyone out there had one of these? How did you like it?) has a more casual look and feel. The bezel may be gold or rose gold toned, the copy doesn’t make that clear. (Frustrating!) Silver would be my preference, but I was distracted by some rose gold watches, too, so maybe this would be the one that ticked all the boxes combining the two. This is another with a price that makes me squirm…

Last, but certainly not least, here’s the one that started the whole obsession. Now that I look at it again, this lovely from Premier Designs ticks all my boxes! Bling on the silver bezel, rose gold numbers, ticks between the numbers at the quarters, and an adjustable metal band. (Thanks PD for informative copy!) If I remember correctly, it’s oversized, but not gigantic. I may just have found my perfect white watch… And it was the first one I saw. Go figure! (Maybe I should have listened when it called out.) Now to call her back and see if she still has it! “Hey, Amy…”

Why Oversized?

So what’s my thing with oversized watches? I have a little scale problem. My bones are small, so small scale items should look harmonious, but I have really big hands. Not fingers mind you, just hands. I like to think God knew I would spend years chasing three male children (and now grandchildren) and gave me nice big hands to catch them with. So when you look at scale for watches and rings, take into account not just the size of your bones, but the size of your hands as well.

But You Have a Phone…

I am sure some of you are asking “Why even bother with a watch? You have a phone.” I do, but I like a watch. I carry my phone in my purse, and am not interested in pulling it out every time I need to check the time. I don’t set my phone on the table when meeting with people, because I think that’s rude. If I need to show them something on my phone, I may have it out, but I want the people I am with to know that they have my attention and are not in competition with my phone, and all the attendant social media buzz. If that makes me old-fashioned, so be it.

Thanks for humoring me. Hopefully this white watch thing will leave me be, now. Although, a rose gold colored watch might be a lovely addition to my accessories drawer…

So how about you? Do you wear a watch? Or is it such an anachronism (Couldn’t resist!) that you can’t go there? What makes or breaks a watch for you? Is there some style quirk for which you are jonesing this summer? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below; I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed here are my own, nor have I received any gifts or compensation from Target, Premier Designs, or any of the brands listed above.

My gratitude to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for generously hosting her weekend Link-Up!




  • Gill Hormann

    Hi Liz, I’m with you on so many counts! I love to wear a watch (I am 57, so it was a rite of passage to get your first watch!), but I have pretty strict criteria too. Not too small, I like some kind of mark at all the five minute marks otherwise I just can’t read it! My everyday fave, which I’ve now had for about seven years, is my stainless steel with small gold details (versatile) Citizen Eco-drive (no batteries required – bonus!). I have three dressier watches, which I also love to wear. I too feel the allure of a white watch – maybe a birthday present option?

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