Style Obsession: Green

Green, Especially Ultramarine Green…

October 2020

Happy day, reader dear!

I’m Liz, a certified Image, Wardrobe and Color Consultant. Blogger. Speaker. Many-Hats-Wearer. I blog here (Usually thrice weekly, except this month!) on topics related to style. Often only very loosely related! I’m 57, a happy wife, mother of three grown young men, mother-in-law to two fabulous young women, and Lulu (That’s my grandma name) to three grandsons that light up my world (As of October 2020. Only the Lord knows who else is coming down the pike!), and primary caregiver to my mother. I am insanely curious and interested in almost everything! It gets me in trouble sometimes.

Thank you for visiting! If you are new here, Welcome! If you are returning, Welcome back! It’s lovely to see you again! I’m on a bit of a blogging break this month and only posting on Fridays, but I will be popping in regularly to check and respond to comments, so please feel free to let me know what’s on your mind!

As a wardrobe stylist, I work IRL and virtually with clients who struggle to pull together looks and wardrobes that make them look and feel fabulous. Because that’s what your closet should do! We often lose our style somewhere during our journey through life, and I have the privilege of helping women (and some men) uncover who they’ve become and how they want to show up in the world!

Enough, already! Let’s talk about something fun! (Although I love my job. I IS fun!) I’m obsessed. (Regularly.) This month’s Style Obsession is not a style exactly… But a color! I’m obsessed with GREEN! ALL greens!

Especially Ultramarine Green! I want to own it in everything. I should have seen it coming… (For more about both these greens and other F/W colors, read this!)

I know that this, like every other obsession, will be fleeting, so how to get a fix without breaking the bank? Let’s talk about Ebay. I’ve been shopping Ebay a lot more in 2020. (Read about why, here.) And I love that I can indulge a whim with less damage to my budget AND in a more earth-friendly way (Yes, I am that kind of geek.). Both are good for my conscience. I found the skirt I featured in September’s Copycat Style post on Ebay, and discovered that the green has been on my mind for months. I just hadn’t noticed! I think it started with the shorts I bought at the beginning of summer…

And spiraled out of control into something like this…

I’m not worried. Green is an eye enhancing color for me, so adding some green into my wardrobe is a good choice. It’s versatile across the seasons AND I have always had a thing for green leather… I’m not sure why. Maybe it reminds me of old books?

As I was writing this post, these lovely lady in green, Nancy–of Nancy’s Fashion Style popped up on my Instagram feed, and I simply had to include her! (Yes, I asked permission. That’s the proper way!) Doesn’t she look fabulous in her shades of olive and sage? Pop on over to her Instagram and tell her how wonderful she looks!

Did I say that the green obsession started with the shorts? I might have been mistaken about that… It might have begun with a shower curtain. As a matter of fact, I was a bit chagrined to realize as I stepped, dripping wet out of the shower, that my fall capsule color scheme may have come from a Target shower curtain. L.O.L. Well, it doesn’t matter from where the inspiration comes, as long as it makes you happy!

Just replace the apricot with grey, and you’ve got my fall capsule color palette!

As I mention every few weeks, please feel free to Pin or share on social media anything here from the blog that you find fun or useful! None of us are getting out much lately, and your kind introduction is a great way for me and the blog to meet new friends…

So how about you? What color is making your heart go pitter-pat this season? Is it a regular favorite of yours, or a new love? What kind of greens do you like? Any? None at all? Do let me know in the comments below! There’s plenty of space. I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      Thank you for stopping by, Jodie! Knock, knock… Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive you! And I love olive, too, even if it doesn’t love me!

  • Lise

    Hi Liz, I am loving olive recently (since Spring) and never did before, as well as rust – they make a great combo. I remembered only recently that I had a number of rust items in the early nineties that were absolute favourites. I also have a new sweatshirt in a new to me color I can maybe call Mink. Like a taupe with mauve-y-ness to it – I love it.

    • Liz K

      Mink sounds fabulous, Lise! I wore rust when I was much younger and my coloring more forgiving… Now I just look sick! Olive is a fast favorite of mine, but I have to find very blue-d olives. Yellow based colors do me no favors! Thank you for popping by!

  • Julia

    I know what you mean about obsessions…. My obsession with burnt orange (as I call it) began with a sofa I saw in a furniture store several years ago. I’ve been working it into my wardrobe and trying to decorate with it when I can. Fall is the perfect time to use this color. Love this article!

    • Liz K

      I’d have to leave burnt orange for decor! It makes me look like something the cat sicked up if I wear it… Thanks for visiting, Julia! Have a fabulous weekend.

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