Outfit Inspo from a House?

Happy day, dear reader!

Where do you get outfit inspiration? Pinterest is great, but just take a look around you. Outfit inspiration can come from anywhere! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing Pinterest, I’m pretty busy on there myself. Come follow me here! You can read about how I grab style from Pinterest here, and here! Today’s outfit inspo is far lower tech…

Earlier this week while out on a walk, a house caught my eye. I’ve seen this house hundreds of times before, but this time I was ready to see it differently! It looked simple, cool, inviting and lush, all rolled into one. Thank you, Erica, for kindly letting me traipse about your front yard and take pictures of your lovely home to share with my readers!

White House, Brown Trim, Green Lush Lawn and Plantings, Rounded Details, and Splashes of Pink

I was smitten! So on Tuesday, when it was time to go meet a potential client, I dug my brown cropped jacket out of storage, popped it on with my chalk jeans and pink flats, retied my scarf, and off I went.

No green, but I’m starting to get the feel here…

If I wanted even more rounded details like the door, wreath, and topiaries, I’d add some bangles!

Not only did it inspire Monday’s meeting wear, but it also provided a springboard for two outfit variations on Tuesday: Play (Or Work from Home) and Work. I prefer Dawn-to-Dusk Dressing, and can’t stand changing clothes multiple times daily, so taking a good look at my calendar before deciding what to wear for the day is key! All I had to do here was change my shoes, pop on the jacket, and retie the scarf.

Here are some of the deets for a closer view…

I love this so much that it’s making me think about adding brown to my summer or fall capsules, and I’ve never been a brown girl. Finding cool browns is a challenge, but I splashed out on this jacket last year at my favorite consignment shop. Is this the moment I’ve been waiting for? This gorgeous house may just be the push I needed! Now I wonder if I can find a pair of brown pants anywhere out there… (I see another consignment trip in the near future!)

When I first walked by the house, I couldn’t see all the pink in the plantings, but when I climbed up to ask the owner if I could take pictures to share with you, I was treated to the full effect of the pink accents! Thank you again, Erica, for allowing me to take pictures of your gorgeous home!

Now I’m imagining a capsule based on Brown and White for the neutrals, and Pink and Green for the accent colors. So what if it’s not my normal vibe; I at least have to try it out on paper! Anyone interested in seeing how that combo plays out? I so, let me know in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,

PS: I’ve been feeling the love for this most of the week… Even Thursday’s OOTD was in the palette!


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Liz, what a lovely outfit. And what a beautiful, warm home for your inspiration. I love the kerchief(s). Is that the same one tied differently to show different parts of the print? It looks so different in the flat layout! Very pretty. I have some kerchiefs on my Amazon wish list, might be time to make them mine.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you, Leslie for the visit and the kind words! That house has me positively obsessed with the brown and white combination… I’m feeling iced coffee and milk, and all kinds of other cool brown and white imaginings! I am wearing two different scarves in this post. The pink, white, and grey one is a large silk square. The smaller green neckerchief (my favorite size for summer) is the same one, tied in two different ways. The colors shown change depending on which way the bias fold is lain. Great observation!

    • closetplayadmin

      Lovely to see you again, Lise! It really is lovely… It’s given me all kinds of new perspective on brown!

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