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#OutfitGoals Part 1

A Style Reflection

Happy 2024, Reader Dearest!

I’m feeling the year end/year beginning feels. Which for me usually means a little reflection on last year’s focus and some sort of poking around to uncover this year’s focus. (Which also means there will be two posts this week!)

AND I look back to see how I did on my Style Resolutions. Whoops. No resolutions last year means no opportunity to check in. Although…

In THE Style Studio we did a little end of year Style Reflection. I thought I’d share it with you in case any of you lovely readers are considering getting more intentional about your style. I separated the reflection into two parts: Past and Present, and Present and Future. Grab yourself paper and a pen, a cup of something lovely to drink and take a few minutes to reflect on your style and your wardrobe.

Because if you don’t know where you are, you can’t get where you want to go!

Past and Present

(If writing out a reflection sounds stressful, relax! Some are simple yes/no’s and others you can think of on a scale of 1-10!)


Overall, how happy are you with your current wardrobe?

Do you feel happier with your wardrobe now than you did at the beginning of last year?

Do you feel your wardrobe has enough color variety for you?

Do you feel like you have enough patterns/prints to satisfy your tastes?

Do you have too many patterns?

Do you have basics in flattering-for-you neutrals?

Do you feel like you know what silhouettes work best for you?

How do your clothes fit right now?

Do you feel like you own enough clothing? Accessories? Shoes?

What area/s needs filling out?

What area/s needs editing or reduction?


What Outfit Recipe/s do you wear #onrepeat? Are you happy with them?

What silhouette/s do you wear most often?

Do you wear a variety of colors in any week?

Do you regularly dress at a level of refinement that feels like you? Why or why not?

Is your natural tendency to dress it up or down?

Is pulling together an outfit you like easier than it was this time last year?

If so, is that because you know yourself and your wardrobe better?

If not, is it about your wardrobe? Or not knowing what flatters your unique style? Both? Neither?


Are you taking daily selfies? If not, what is stopping you?

Did you complete a Working Wardrobe exercise month during 2023? Why or why not?

How About You?

Do you have any beginning/end of year habits or rituals? Will you join me in a little reflection? If so, did you learn anything about yourself? That’s what style is all about. Knowing yourself and letting that shine on the outside! Do tell… And stay tuned for the next post!

Stylishly yours,


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