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Packing for a Wedding: Part 2

More Adventures in a Suitcase: New Jersey

Happy day, stylish friend!

As I write this, I am firming up the pack for my trip to see my bestie’s older son take a trip up the aisle with his beloved.

That sounds so calm, when actually, I am excited beyond words!

(Insert excited teenage sounding squeal, here)

(And a happy dance.)

Okay. I’ve gotten that under control. Let’s see if I can finish this post…

In the first Packing for a Wedding post, I ran through the first four steps (or things I think about) of my packing process. I also took a trip down memory lane and explained how my packing process came to be.

I captured the images below to represent how they all play together.

Travel Clothes

I mentioned my typical travel clothes in the last post, but let’s get more specific here.

No blazer/jacket. I’d like one, but I don’t want the hassle of two coats. Would l prefer more color? Of course! I’ll make do with swapping out the crossbody strap on this bag for a rainbow strap. I’d also love a new tote rather than the backpack but that pack has been a great travel companion…

The Rest

Packed in the suitcase…

Not shown: The wedding outfit (shown next), PT gear, jammies, and undies. A girl’s gotta have some secrets after all! I may throw in a swimsuit if the hotel pools will be open.

The Wedding

Hm. Still schwaffling between the purple and the green, but for the sake of getting this published… (Final choice will likely be made at the last minute after consulting the weather gods one last time!)

I have a pair of clear crystal drop earrings to wear with this necklace. Not matching or matchy, but just right!

The Bag(s)

This is going to be a checked bag adventure. I’m taking not only my clothes, but Mr. CP’s suit and other nice clothes. If our bag goes astray, I’m hoping the extra days I will be there before the wedding will buy some grace time for it to return to us!

Looking at these pieces, I see there are 30 or so outfits I could make. I could travel for a LONG time with these! BUT I would need to add another bottom–my leopard skirt. I’m thinking it’s time to plan another themed Staycation…

How About You?

Do you have a packing formula? To where did you go last? Are you planning any trips? Are they for a special occasion or just because? What packing tips do you have for special occasion travel? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, My last trip was to my son’s wedding about seven years ago. I packed one large suitcase which I thought was great for me with a one week stay and two weekends. I had two church dresses, my wedding dinner outfit, my wedding outfit and a weeks worth of outfits with everyday a dress up and dress more casual outfit. I did carry a tote on board the plane. I didn’t plan on buying anything but then the in-laws blessed us with a basket of Gluten-free food we very much enjoyed!! BUT, we had leftovers to get home!! I managed!! I packed by rolling things up then putting them in the suitcase by outfits for each day. Of course I layed the beaded jacket on top!!

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