Why Am I So Dressed Up?

AKA: Why I don't wear jammies to the store. Happy day, dear reader! I hope and pray that your day today is full of only pleasant surprises! I am still surprised by (Although it shouldn't any more...) people asking me, "Why are you so dressed up?" The short answer is: Because it's part of my… Continue reading Why Am I So Dressed Up?


Halloween Tag

Happy day, dear reader! Fall finally feels "here"! I love cool crisp mornings, and sweaters and boots, and I really love Halloween. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. Even before it became the colossal money making behemoth that it is in modern America. (And spreading around the world...) I was gadding about on… Continue reading Halloween Tag

Capsule Wardrobe

Fall 2018 Capsule Wardrobe: Midpoint Debrief

My Fall Capsule at the Halfway Mark Happy day, reader dearest! Hope you are having a fabulous fall! (Or spring, for my friends in the southern hemisphere...) Our evenings are finally starting to cool off, and mornings are lovely, even if the afternoons are still in the mid to upper 80's. Since we've made it… Continue reading Fall 2018 Capsule Wardrobe:┬áMidpoint Debrief


Wedding Mascara

Drugstore Mascara Reviews Happy day, dearest reader! Last wedding go-'round with our oldest son, I was working as a classroom teacher. (It looks like I'm still teaching, just not in the classroom... Hmmmm. Am I seeing a theme, here?) As teaching is a female-dominated profession, it was the perfect workplace to ask everyone for their… Continue reading Wedding Mascara


Back to Color Basics

Happy day, reader dearest! This is week two of my blogging break (And the final wedding countdown!), so I've been keeping it simple and sharing some of my old posts combined in different ways to hopefully spark the imagination, and tie together different pieces of a theme. This week is all about color! Today we're… Continue reading Back to Color Basics


Short Trip Travel Packs

Packing Inspiration for Short Trips Happy day, dear reader! Yep! It's official. I'm obsessed with travel. I love the words road trip, long weekend, getaway, reservation, pretty much anything to do with travel. Passport sends shivers of excitement down my spine! In today's repost, I'm sharing some travel packing inspiration. There are boards from all… Continue reading Short Trip Travel Packs