Choosing Prints for Your Color Contrast!

(Or Patterns...) Happy day, dear reader! Spring is here (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) and summer is not far behind. It's the season many people shuffle out of their predominantly neutral and solid wardrobes to embrace some color and print or pattern. Technically, there is a difference: a print is just that,… Continue reading Choosing Prints for Your Color Contrast!

Travel & Packing

Arizona Trip Pack: Spring

Happy day, reader dear! Whew! It has been one busy season... Between the conference trip to Chicago at the beginning of the month, and a quick trip to Arizona to visit family over Easter, I am ready for a couple of weeks of calm and quiet at home. I know I probably just jinxed that,… Continue reading Arizona Trip Pack: Spring

Travel & Packing

April Trip Packing: Chicago

Happy day, dear reader! The lovely lady to my right is Delby Bragais, a Fashion Designer AND Image Consultant! This month I was lucky enough to take two trips! I say lucky, because I LOVE to travel, but if you don't, just substitute "unfortunate." Rather than make this a War and Peace post, I'll tackle… Continue reading April Trip Packing: Chicago


What’s Your Color Contrast?

And why does it matter? Happy day, dear reader, When I help a client style an outfit, or tweak what they have to make them look their best, two places I look first are at their Value Contrast and Color Contrast. Getting these two right, and working with them can make all the difference between… Continue reading What’s Your Color Contrast?

Capsule Wardrobe

Mid-Season Capsule Update

Happy day, reader dear! April 15 is a big day! No, I don't mean tax day. It's mid April, so that means it's time for the spring capsule update with what's working, what's not, lessons learned, and maybe some other random lightbulb moments. Just as an aside, please feel free to Pin any of the… Continue reading Mid-Season Capsule Update

Travel & Packing

AICI Conference-The Business of Style

4 Amazing Days of Style, Friendship, and Education! Happy day, reader dear! My apologies if you commented last week, and I was slow to respond. I was in Chicago for the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) Global Conference. It was my first conference, and thus had absolutely no idea what to expect... And packing… Continue reading AICI Conference-The Business of Style