Quick Halloween Costumes

From Your Closet! Happy day, reader dear! My favorite holiday is coming! Yes, I am a little crazy about Halloween... Not only is it a fun holiday, it's our wedding anniversary. No costumes at the wedding or breakfast, but for the evening celebration there was a gorilla behind the bar! Enough of my bias... How… Continue reading Quick Halloween Costumes


Style Tips from Military Life (Part 3)

Happy day, reader dear! There was a big birthday this past weekend... October 13, 2019 was the 244th birthday of the US Navy! I'm fond of the Navy. I served in the US Naval Reserve for 10 years, and my husband's naval service allowed our family to live abroad and see the world in ways… Continue reading Style Tips from Military Life (Part 3)


Sentimental Jewelry

A Trip down Memory Lane... Happy day, reader dear! How's your new season going? My fall took an interesting twist over the weekend. If you follow me on Insta, you know I love me some jewelry... Maximal and Impact might be two words to describe my usual accessory management style. So imagine my surprise this… Continue reading Sentimental Jewelry


3 Ways to Layer: Summer to Fall

(Or Fall to Summer!) Happy day, reader dear! We are in a transition season again! Fall for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring for those in the Southern... They are my favorite seasons to dress for, but I know some find them frustrating. What's a woman (or man) to do when the mornings… Continue reading 3 Ways to Layer: Summer to Fall


Glasses: 3 Schools of Thought

Happy day, dear reader! Since most of us wear glasses of some kind or another (prescription glasses, readers, or sunglasses) almost every day, I thought it about time that we had a quick chat about frames! I've noticed three main schools of thought about eyewear: 1) Buy a frame that doesn't look like you are… Continue reading Glasses: 3 Schools of Thought


Think Pink!

Happy day, reader dear! It's October! Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have yet to meet anyone untouched by breast cancer. Even if you have been blessed enough to not fight breast cancer personally, it has found a family member, friend, co-worker, teacher, or mentor. Even with the amazing advances made in prevention (screening… Continue reading Think Pink!


3 Ways to Style an Animal Print Dress

Happy day, reader dear! With animal print absolutely everywhere this fall (It's looks like a safari every time I go into a store.), I thought it past time to tackle 3 Ways to Style with an animal print dress. Now, my animal print dress is years old, and has been included in every capsule wardrobe… Continue reading 3 Ways to Style an Animal Print Dress


Fall Bucket List

Time to get Cozy and Grounded Happy day, reader dear! Fall is finally here! (Even if the weather at 95 degrees Fahrenheit belies that.) I've been channeling fall since the first of September, even if that's not the official start date. I grew up in the Midwest where we started school the day after Labor… Continue reading Fall Bucket List