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    Shop Your Wardrobe

    Pattern Mix Surprise! Happy day, reader dear! Do you have #onrepeat outfits? I don’t mean the can’t-be-bothered-yoga-pants-and-tee #onrepeat. I mean an outfit that you LOVE and wear over and over again. Do you? I do. And sometimes they come out…

  • Wardrobe 101

    Choosing an Evening Gown

    Thinking it Through Happy day, reader dear! What was I thinking? We have a family wedding coming up. Evening. Formal. In a cold place. Normally, I would reach into my Special Occasion Capsule and grab something in there for a…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    Time for a Break

    Happy-ish day, reader dear… It’s past time. So far, the plan is to be back at the beginning of February. I’ll let you know more as I do. Please feel free to wander the website as you like. I hope…

  • Accessories

    Scarf Style Challenge Days 41-50

    #fallscarfchallenge #scarfstylechallenge Happy day, reader dearest! IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! No, it’s not 2022 making me so happy. We’ve reached… The FINAL INSTALLMENT! (And there was much rejoicing!) I wasn’t sure we would get here… I was beginning to despair…

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    Style Resolutions 2022

    Happy New Year, Reader Dearest! Welcome to a new year! I wish you a fabulous 2022! Every year I make a few style resolutions for myself. Last year I made only one. How did it go? Not well. Not badly…

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy day, reader dear! CHEERS! I am: Wishing you a Super Stylish… May a year filled with: Abundant Health, Peace, Happiness, Love and Prosperity bless us all! How About You? Are you making any resolutions for the new year? Style…

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    2021 Style Review

    Fave Outfits for the Year Happy day, reader dear! And happy end of 2021! I’m a look back/look forward kind of woman. Not because I’m nostalgic for the past, but simply because the end of the year is a natural…

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    Merry Christmas!

    Most happy day, reader dearest! I thank you for your readership and wish you all the peace of the season… May you be graced with the gift of joy in whatever your day holds! Stylishly yours,

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    Winter 2021 Bucket List

    And Fall Bucket List Scorecard Happy day, reader dear! It’s that time again! I’m not sure why I bother with these Bucket Lists. The past year feels like such a wash. Maybe two washes… I don’t think I’m alone in…