• Style and Styling

    Copycat Style: February 2022

    Jeans + Navy Sweater + Nude Flats Happy day, reader dear! I’m SO excited to be launching into another year of Copycat Style! Why?, you might ask? Because even an image professional needs inspiration sometimes! Copycat style is a little…

  • Style and Styling

    Shop Your Wardrobe

    Pattern Mix Surprise! Happy day, reader dear! Do you have #onrepeat outfits? I don’t mean the can’t-be-bothered-yoga-pants-and-tee #onrepeat. I mean an outfit that you LOVE and wear over and over again. Do you? I do. And sometimes they come out…

  • Wardrobe 101

    Choosing an Evening Gown

    Thinking it Through Happy day, reader dear! What was I thinking? We have a family wedding coming up. Evening. Formal. In a cold place. Normally, I would reach into my Special Occasion Capsule and grab something in there for a…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    Time for a Break

    Happy-ish day, reader dear… It’s past time. So far, the plan is to be back at the beginning of February. I’ll let you know more as I do. Please feel free to wander the website as you like. I hope…

  • Accessories

    Scarf Style Challenge Days 41-50

    #fallscarfchallenge #scarfstylechallenge Happy day, reader dearest! IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! No, it’s not 2022 making me so happy. We’ve reached… The FINAL INSTALLMENT! (And there was much rejoicing!) I wasn’t sure we would get here… I was beginning to despair…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    Style Resolutions 2022

    Happy New Year, Reader Dearest! Welcome to a new year! I wish you a fabulous 2022! Every year I make a few style resolutions for myself. Last year I made only one. How did it go? Not well. Not badly…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    Happy New Year!

    Happy day, reader dear! CHEERS! I am: Wishing you a Super Stylish… May a year filled with: Abundant Health, Peace, Happiness, Love and Prosperity bless us all! How About You? Are you making any resolutions for the new year? Style…

  • Style and Styling

    2021 Style Review

    Fave Outfits for the Year Happy day, reader dear! And happy end of 2021! I’m a look back/look forward kind of woman. Not because I’m nostalgic for the past, but simply because the end of the year is a natural…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    Merry Christmas!

    Most happy day, reader dearest! I thank you for your readership and wish you all the peace of the season… May you be graced with the gift of joy in whatever your day holds! Stylishly yours,