Pantone Colors Fall/Winter 2019

Carrying Themes from Spring/Summer!

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It’s interesting to watch the color trends as they shift over the seasons! Sometimes it’s like watching a pendulum swing, and other times it’s more of a gentle transition with some easy tweaks. At the end of last year, I wrote a post about the colors for Spring/Summer 2019 to give you an idea of what might see showing up as spring and summer merchandise started flowing into the stores. Back to school season will be upon us in July, so now is a good time to start thinking about what will soon be filling the racks. Forewarned is forearmed! (Especially when “your colors” are nowhere to be found…)

Fall/Winter 2019 Warms

Spring/Summer 2019 Warms


You can see how Fall/Winter 2019’s colors are a gentle shift, rather than a full pivot. The gold has dropped out, the oranges are toastier and the browns richer, but you can see the relationships between these palettes. You see colors all along the value scale, which makes creating the right Value Contrast easier! Any of Spring/Summer’s colors will still look totally at home with the colors that will be showing up in the stores. The fabulous thing about all those warm Spring/Summer colors is the way they already look autumnal! For those of us who need warmer weather pieces well into the later portion of the year, summer’s pieces will play nicely with what should be coming soom to a store near you. Keep wearing that Living Coral! It will still look fresh and current well into fall.

Fall/Winter 2019 Cools

Spring/Summer 2019 Cools


Whew! I am happy to see a greater number of cool options for fall. Except for denim and blush, there’s not been a lot out there for my cool sisters. There is also a nice range of values here, as well! Except for the light pink, this past summer all the colors were very intense… Not great for us with more muted or softened complexions. It’s also nice to see a cool green, (even a dark one) after all the olive!

The Biking Red and Eden green throw me back to the burgundy and forest decor of the mid-80’s. I’m not interested in revisiting that trend, thank you! But overall, I am glad Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2019 Palette is more balanced between warm and cool than the previous season. There is also a nice combination of both more saturated and softer colors. The variety will make dressing clients easier! You might ask why I chose to include Biking Red in both the warm and cool selections. Biking Red looks warm, but cool variations will show up on the racks, just like with Marsala-the 2015 Color of the Year!

What about you? Do you see any colors here that float your boat? Is there something here you wouldn’t be caught dead in? Do you remember the hunter/wine decor extravaganza of the 80’s? Love it or leave it? What color here might you choose to add to your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below… Maybe I can work up an Add-a-Color Beauty Bundle post for you!

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    • closetplayadmin

      Color is soooo personal! There’s the biological basis to what looks best on us, and the personal preferences part of the package. It can be hard to finesse the two! When I drape a client, the question isn’t which colors “look better” but which colors distract me from him or her. The right colors make you look healthier and happier, bright eyed and well-rested. Those that distract the eye tend to drain us and make us look ill, tired, or just out of sorts. When a shop assistant tells you “You need more makeup,” that’s a sure sign the color is too much!

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