Personal Services

Closet Play Image regrets that due to family medical issues, all services are suspended.

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Personal Services are available to both women and men, and may be bundled for a discount. Small group workshops on Personal Style and/or Personal Color are also available.

Currently, all services are being provided virtually and have been adapted to that format!

Please note: Services cancelled with less than 48 hours notice incur a $100 Cancellation Fee (per participant). (1/1/2020)

Personal Style Consultation

This comprehensive (3-4 hour) style consultation includes:

  • Personality, Lifestyle, and Values Analysis
  • What’s Working Now Breakdown
  • Physical Presence Awareness and Education
  • Somatype and Fabric Choice
  • Line and Design
  • Facial Evaluation: face shape, defining features, and other related aspects and includes recommendations for jewelry, necklines, hairstyles, makeup based on your unique qualities
  • Body Evaluation (No Measurements!): body shape, proportions, variations, clothing shapes to flatter your unique assets, what to avoid and how to camouflage, scale and how to use it to your advantage
  • Business and Social Dress Codes
  • Style File: your own customized 50+ page style portfolio with an overview diagram showing what to look for when shopping, and other reference materials for review
  • Mix and Match: a short session in your own closet, evaluating some favorite pieces and how to make them work even better for you
  • $399

Color Consultation

This 2 hour session includes:

  • Comprehensive Value Contrast and Color Contrast determination
  • Color Draping to determine the client’s palette in the Absolute Color System
  • Absolute Color System Swatch (50+ colors) and a Pocket/Wallet Mini-Swatch
  • Selection and explanation of your Enhancers & Intensifiers
  • Color Psychology and Personality of Contrast
  • Using Your Color Swatch, Wearing Your Colors Your Way, How to Wear Less Than Favorable Colors
  • Color Personality
  • 5 Minute Makeup (This takes more than 5 minutes to complete, because I am explaining, but it should only take 5 minutes to complete on your own!)
  • 30 page Absolute Color Guide (A customized Color Portfolio to keep for your reference)
  • $299

Why not have a group color consultation for your bridesmaids, and let each wear the color that suits her best within a range you choose?

Group consultations come at a reduced rate!

Wardrobe Audit & Planning

This 3-4 hour wardrobe review includes:

  • Personality, Lifestyle, and Values Analysis and

3 hours closet work including:

  • What’s Working Now Breakdown
  • Piece by Piece Assessment (Fit, Potential, Modification)
  • Wardrobe Capsule Creation
  • Wardrobe Gap Evaluation
  • Shopping List for Future Purchases
  • Mix and Match: a session in your own closet, evaluating some favorite pieces and how to make them work even better for you
  • Closet Organization
  • Wardrobe Therapy File: your own customized 13 page style portfolio with capsule wardrobe worksheets and other reference materials for review
  • Removal/Donation of Unloved and Unwanted Items (Not currently available…)
  • 2019/2020: $350

Closet Inspiration

This 1 & ½ hour session includes:

  • Closet Personality Evaluation
  • Favorites Evaluation: assessing your favorite pieces and how to make them work even better for your lifestyle and body shape
  • Mix and Match: a styling session in your own closet to help you see your current pieces in a new light
  • All the reminder photos you care to take
  • 2019/2020: $150

Travel Planning & Packing

This valuable service includes:

  • Personality, Lifestyle, and Values Assessment
  • Trip Itinerary Evaluation
  • Online Research
  • Closet Work Time
  • Packing Assistance (if desired)
  • Two hours of research and closet work are included. Further time charged by the half hour.
  • 2019/2020: $200

Special Day Styling

This special session depends on the needs of the client and will include:

  • Personality, Lifestyle, and Values Assessment
  • May include a Closet Inspiration Session, Personal Shopping, or Online Personal Shopping as desired
  • Charged hourly (1 Hour Minimum)

Please note: Some men’s services are less expensive than women’s due to the limited discussion and evaluation of certain points. (If interested, please ask for more information.)