Playing With Red

AKA: Valentine Outfit Inspiration OR Get Your Red On!

Happy day, dearest reader!

With it being February, and all that this second month entails: Red, More Red, Red Overload, Chocolates, Flowers, etc., it seemed like a good time to play with RED. I’ve been enjoying red since adding it to my Winter Capsule Wardrobe back in December. I know red is a no-brainer for the winter holiday season, but I’ve been more of a pink and raspberry girl for the past few years, so red felt a bit bold and out there. (PS: There’s no such thing as chocolate overload in my book…)

With December and February being red-heavy months, and red showing up (Very brightly!) in the Pantone Spring/Summer 2020 color picks, I wanted to create a couple of color combinations you might not expect with red. Red White and Blue is obvious, Red and Denim, and Red and Black paired together are expected, so today let’s explore some other ways to play with red… Eight (plus) ways in fact!

I’ll start us off with birds of a feather. Pink is a tint of red, which makes these all variations of red, from vibrant to the very softest. I adore red with pink/blush! It’s a softer look than Red with the typical dark pairings, and can look quite sophisticated. PS: This might be my perfect Valentine’s Day outfit palette!

If red and coral pink feel too much paired with blush, red accents with your soft coral and blush might feel just right! Or why not try your red and coral with brown. I can see a red skirt, coral blouse, and rich brown accessories. Alligator, perhaps? Mmmmm! If that’s too much, try coral and brown with pops of red.

Next, let’s head into more traditional territory. Khaki, cream, and red. Very Classic! If you want the same colors in a more sleek or ladylike look, try all cream with tan accents and a red trench to top it off!

Here’s another traditional triplet: Think khakis, a chambray shirt worn with a red bandana. You could get more colorful by pairing red jeans with that chambray shirt, and pull them together with tan accessories. Casual, cool, laid back color… This could be a great combo for a Relaxed personality style with a thing for red!

How about this next medley for a softer take on the traditional Red, White, and Blue? Less preppy/sportif, and more relaxed. Chambray/Faded Denim, Red, and a soft Grey! You could pair any two of these and accent with the third and never get old! This would be a fabulous combination for a weekend trip… Grey and Denim tops and bottoms. an extra red top or sweater, a jean jacket, and some red and silver accessories. You’ll be packed and ready to go in no time! (Stylishly, too!)

Where else shall we go on our trip around the color wheel? Back to the primaries! Bright, bold, and playful. This triplet feels like childhood and summer vacay… Beach balls, towels, sand toys. Your personal coloring needs to be vivid and have a High Color Contrast to stand up to this bright combination!

Now let’s step back out of the box! Three bold colors, but swapping brown in for the blue above. This trades the playful vibe for a rich and spicy feel… Add some olive green, and you build a gorgeous wardrobe around this combination! (For maximum versatility, I would look for red with a warmer undertone.)

And my personal favorite, most likely to be worn by someone with a Dramatic or Creative personality style… Imagine the jewelry options: silver, pewter, grey pearls, amethyst, carnelian, ruby or garnet, purple jade. To finesse a more traditional work environment, think grey suit worn with a blouse of red or purple and tiny accents of the other. Lovely! There are ways to work your preferences into almost any dress code that doesn’t require a uniform!

So how about you? Do you wear red? Or only under duress? Are there any combinations above that you could pull together from your wardrobe? I’m going to have to try the Red, Blush and Brown… I’m imagining it already! What are you inspired to try? Do let me know! I LOVE to hear from you… XO

Stylishly yours,

PS: You got red on you. (Know the movie?) No cheating with Google!

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