Basic Color Consultation–Virtual


If you are tired of wasting money (AND time!) buying colors that never “feel right”? A Personal Color Consultation using the Absolute Color System is for you! Discover the colors that make you look healthy and happy AND how to wear them to make the most of your personal coloring. All from the comfort of your own home! Three hours of individual personal attention along with customized learning activities between sessions will have you glowing! (Don’t be surprised if someone asks if you are in love… OR if you’ve had “work” done!)

Materials delivered online and via post.




  • Three (3) 1 Hour Virtual sessions with Liz Klebba, AICI-CIC
  • Comprehensive Value Contrast and Color Contrast determination
  • Virtual Color Draping to determine the client’s palette using the Absolute Color System
  • Absolute Color System Swatch (50+ colors) and a Pocket/Wallet Mini-Swatch
  • Virtual Swatch for Your Phone
  • Color Psychology and Personality of Contrast
  • Using Your Color Swatch, Wearing Your Colors Your Way, How to Wear Less Than Favorable Colors
  • Color Personality
  • 7 page Absolute Color Guide
  • Virtual Session Guide


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