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Pulling a Look Together with a Scarf

How to Accessorize? Part 1

Happy day, dear reader!

Last week when I posted about packing for my trip to LA, I mentioned that after making my clothing choices, I throw in a handful of accessories because they pack a lot of style wallop in very little suitcase space, but that begs the question “Why accessorize?” The short answer: Accessories are the easiest way to change up an outfit.

There are many different kinds of accessories to choose from, some easy to change and pack, like scarves and jewelry. Others are equally easy to change, but less packing friendly, like shoes and handbags. Since I am building on the packing theme, I’ll start this series with a scarf. Why a scarf? Oh, my! Oodles of reasons, but I’ll throw down three for you today!

Complete an Outfit/Finish a Look

Adding an accessory (or accessories) is the easiest way to finish a look, or complete an outfit. Let’s walk through what I mean, and start simple…

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Many women default to a white top with a colored bottom. (If you are looking for other ways to style a colored bottom, check here.) It’s easy, and prevents “Did I make a mistake?” syndrome. Keeping it easy, let’s throw on a denim jacket. Ahhhh… Did I mention it wasn’t blue?

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Now this might be making some of you a little uncomfortable. “Blue and green should never be seen!” might be ringing in your ears. Or that pink and green don’t “GO together.” Bosh! Both combinations are found in nature. All the time! Cover the outfit on either side with a hand if seeing them together is distracting. You could easily wear either top and bottom combination with the olive jacket, but each is missing something. Since today is all about scarves, we’ll find a scarf to tie them together… Voila! Thank you, Ebay. A scarf that goes with both! Even if the olive of the jacket is more muted than that in the scarf.

Separates images from Land’s End. Pucci scarf image from Ebay.

Here they are as separate outfits for a better view.

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Doesn’t that look more harmonious? And intentional? Go ahead and cover the left or the right again to get a better feeling! See how nicely the patterned scarf ties the pieces into a whole?

Tie together Disparate Pieces

A multicolored scarf combines a “mismatched” top and bottom with ease! (And minimizes the amount of large pieces you need to pack.) This time, we’ll start with the same bottoms and jacket, but swap out the white top for a colored option.

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Either of the top and bottom combinations above works well enough alone, but that olive jacket is jarring… Especially with the rose top and blue bottom! The rose, blue, and olive share the same intensity, but otherwise feel unconnected. But look what happens when we add that scarf!

Separates images from Land’s End. Pucci scarf image from Ebay.

Aaaaaah, much better. The scarf “bridges the gap” and brings the disparate colors together. I can imagine this scarf around the neck, or as a sash replacing a belt! I do prefer the pinks with the green jacket, but now, I can see the three different colors together on the left without setting my teeth on edge!

Protect Yourself from Unflattering (or Harsh) Colors

Earlier this year I wrote 5 Tips for Wearing Black (Or Other Unflattering Colors) and want to reshare my favorite technique for finessing a color that’s not your best. Maybe you have to wear a uniform or team shirt in a color that does you no favors. If so, grab a scarf in colors that make you look amazing, and wear that between the not-so-good color and your face, like I did with the black blouse here…

Have I have sold you on the practicality of scarves, yet? If so, and you are stuck on what kind, read on over here for more information about different kinds of scarves and and their pros and cons! Are you a scarf wearer? Or are scarves only for keeping warm in cold weather? Let me know in the comments below…

Stylishly yours,


  • Gina

    Great article Liz! I’m a scarf wearer. I love how they can bring multiple colours together (burgundy pants and orange top for me today) or add interest and colour to a monochromatic outfit.

    • closetplayadmin

      Hi, Gina! Thank you for visiting! And how scarves are the perfect way for High Color Contrast ladies to get their colors in AND together!

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