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Quiet Luxury Style Guide–5 Tips

Get the Look!

Happy day, Reader Dear!

What style trends have caught your interest?

Everyone in the media is talking about the Quiet Luxury look.

It’s gorgeous.




Expensive looking.

AND Quiet Luxury is closely related to the Elegant Chic Style Personality Archetype.

So how do you get it? And what should you avoid? Let’s tackle that today AND find out if Quiet Luxury is for you!

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Medium to Light Value Neutrals

This is not the time for Black or Navy. They are fabulous and practical neutrals, but too harsh for Quiet Luxury. Think medium to dove greys, taupes, tans, camels, ivories and winter whites. Combine these neutrals or go for monochromatic looks like ivory and camel with chocolate accents.

Quality over Quantity

Investment treated casually. AND cared for.

Quiet Luxury opts for luxe natural fiber fabrics. Break out those smooth cottons, wools, cashmeres and silks. For footwear and bags, choose genuine leather and suede. Suedes are perfect for their soft and relaxed vibe.

Fabulous Fit

What is the Quiet Luxury fit? Body skimming. Goldilocks fit: Not too tight, not too loose. Always comfortable. If the top is a little slouchy, the bottom will be trim. The bottom a little slouchy? Then the top is trim. A little slouchy is exactly that. A little. Nothing baggy or sloppy here. And NO dragging hems! The most common slouchy piece is a camel coat worn loose and open, however, belted is amazing, too!

Thank you, Mama, for the loan of your trousers!


Simple doesn’t mean boring. There will be something amazing in any outfit, yet only one something. If it’s the earrings, then it’s the earrings. A red lip? Then it’s the lip. The amazing isn’t competing with anything else. One punch is all you need.

Impeccable Grooming

Impeccable grooming—smooth shiny hair and subtle makeup are key to this look. Color your nails if you like but avoid dramatic lengths and nail-art. Keep them simple and subdued; you can go deep if you keep it toned, think wine red rather than fire-engine.

What to Avoid

Dark or bright colors, synthetics, or anything shouty. Skip the logos. The bit on a Gucci loafer is one thing. But the tote covered in G’s? Not Quiet.

My version of Quiet Luxury is super casual denim…

You can see those QL influences here. Lighter colors, neutral accessories:

Is it for me? Nah. The Quiet Luxury focus on restraint doesn’t resonate with me. I need more exuberant style! But for days I need spa-like chill, Quiet Luxury is perfect! I really could use a gorgeous pair of taupe trousers…

How About You?

How do you like the Quiet Luxury trend? Does it resonate with you? On what neutrals would you base your QL look? What aspects of Quiet Luxury speak to you? Do any leave you cold? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Speaking of hearing, if you’d prefer a video version of this post, you can get that here. Or watch it below!

Stylishly yours,


  • carolkarl

    Hi Liz, this is a great post and I’m keen to try this look. However, I am 2 colours plus a neutral and I just look terrible wearing all neutrals as suggested for the quiet luxury look. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Liz K

      This is a hard one, Carol! I would look to build on a base of a softly colored neutral and top it with scarf or blouse with the your color contrast to help balance the look. The key will be to keep the colors subtle. For example, over a column of soft moss or olive, I’d drop a scarf with olives and maybe a touch of eggplant or teal. Nothing bright or high value contrast. It’s going to be all about the blend. If you want to go with a neutral column, you could play with colored neutrals for a scarf or topper and shoes, so a camel or ivory column with a mossy scarf and burgundy shoes. It’s not going to have the exact QL feel, but it will work better for you!

  • Andrea Andresen

    I really like the quiet luxury trend for those days when I need a little self love and mellowness, It appeals to the Elegant Chic in my style persona especially. The one pop can be a little challenging as I love my threepeats.

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