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Random Thoughts on Inventory

I have always been an inventory taker and list maker; it is just part of my personality. I remember sitting up in the branches of the willow tree in our front yard (I spend countless childhood hours up there.) thinking about what toys I would take if my family had to move and all I could take was a suitcase. My mother came to the US from Germany as a child with her family, and that awareness of leaving it all behind must have seeped into my childhood consciousness. The space race, and TV sci-fi fueled my inventory habit… What 10 movies, books, you-name-its would I take on a space mission? Fast forward to adulthood and a three year tour of duty in England.

When we lived in England, one of my favorite radio shows on BBC Radio 4 was Desert Island Discs. If you are not familiar, the presenter speaks with a wide variety of interview subjects, everyone from authors, scientists and stars, to corporate types and academics. The interview is based on what 8 music tracks you would take with you were to find yourself on a desert island. You are gifted the complete works of Shakespeare, another book, and one luxury item. (I thought that at one time the Bible was another freebie, but I may be mistaken…) I loved the glimpse into others’ personalities, and thought processes.

The inventory habit can be illuminating, and may explain why I am drawn to capsule wardrobes, experiments like Project 333, or the Six Item Challenge. All require an inventory. During the liturgical year, Lent is a time of inventory as well, which might explain why I look forward to Lent, rather than getting stressed or depressed.

So in the spirit of inventory, I am pondering a Bakers’ Dozen Challenge, 13 items for a month of dressing. (Although I will not include my Halloween costume in my 13!)

I’m also beyond excited about going to see Blade Runner 2049, this weekend. The original has been on my 10 Movies to Take to Mars list since it came out when I was in university! Just for the record, I prefer the original with the narration vice the director’s cut without.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous weekend! Are you an inventory taker, or does the thought put you into a panic? Please let me know in the comments below!

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