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Happy day, reader dear

We’re making progress! Today’s post takes us past the halfway mark in our exploration of personality styles.

As I mentioned in the introductory post to this series, there are seven basic style personalities, but NO ONE is just one personality style! Each of the (Arche)Types I am talking about in the posts is an extreme, or caricature. Just as you combine descriptors from two or three personality styles, you can combine pieces of the styles to suit you! Every woman (and man) is unique, and your style should be, too! You may love the colors of one style, the fabrics of a second, and the lines and accessories of a third. Combining the elements creates your individual style.

If you missed the first installments, you can read about Classic Style , Relaxed Style, Dramatic Style and Creative Style at these links. When it comes to style, personality trumps all. That’s because style is your personality expressed through what you wear on your body. Today, let’s get gritty with the Rebellious personality style.

The Rebellious personality style has two manifestations, that both come from a you’re-not-the-boss-of-me underpinning. One is more goth or rock-chick, the other more highly sexualized. Rebel-gal may choose both, depending on the occasion and other parts of her personality. The Rebel doesn’t follow tradition; she smashes it. She’s not worried about appropriate. Corporate work isn’t her jam. But if that’s where she ends up, it may look a bit like this…

You may notice some overlap of elements between the Ms. Rebel, Ms. Dramatic and Ms. Creative. That’s no surprise, they aren’t sisters. But cousins? Definitely! In contrast with her cousins, a Rebellious look is aggressive, and messaging often reads “Don’t mess with me.” Or “Leave me the %$&# alone.” Think sea urchin in human form… Ms. Rebel’s intent is to shock.

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Ms. Rebel’s preferred color palette is black, black, and more black. She may punctuate her black with red. (If she’s feeling flashy, maybe purple or green.) I have a son who’s preferred dressing style runs Dramatic. When asked why he always wore black, his answer used to be “It’s all there is until they make a darker color.” (Not a goth or emo bone in his body. He’s really quite cheerful!) As for patterns and prints, expect skulls, spiderwebs, tattoo styled patterns and band tees. Don’t forget about fishnets. They look amazing with denim cutoffs and combat boots. Expect holes in everything, possibly safety-pinned back together. The sexy rebel often has a fondness for animal prints and patent leather. (And fishnets.) Textures will be sturdy, denim and leather are common. Fit will be anywhere she chooses, skin tight, sizes too large, or average, just not what everyone else is wearing…

Ms. Rebellious goes for extremes (like her cousin, Ms. Dramatic) in footwear. Comfort may be everything or irrelevant. (In clothes, too.) You won’t find her in a medium-heeled taupe almond-toe corporate pump. If Ms. Rebel wears pumps, they’ll be sky-high pointed-toe stilettos. (Studded if you got ’em.) Often you’ll find her sporting Combat boots or Doc Martins. There are Rebels who specialize in cowboy boots, especially with silver toe caps. I know one Rebel who wears only Converse high-tops. With everything. Yes. Everything.

Where does Ms. Rebel shop? Almost anywhere! But probably not at the mall. Unless it’s for makeup or jeans. Military surplus stores are a common rebel haunt, as are thrift and other sources for second-hand clothing. You’ll often find them at the merch tables at a concert! Accessories can come from the pet store… Or the hardware store.

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You can expect Ms. Rebellious’s grooming to be anywhere on the map! She may go completely naturelle, or dark khol-rimmed eyes 24/7, or just a slash of lipstick. Lipstick could be bright red, blood red, dark purple, black, green, or any color that human lips aren’t found in nature. A few of the Rockabilly and Vintage dressers I know score high on Rebellious, and they go their own way, with very precise and glamorous makeup and hair. Other Rebel hair styles? Anything from a Mohawk to Dreadlocks to no hair at all. Spiky, gelled back, fantasy and crayon colors. Tattoos and piercings are common.

So… Do you have any Rebel in you? Or does living on that edge stress you out? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    At first I though Dramatic was my younger self but actually it was more creative. Still have some of that today. Have always loved quirky pieces!

    • closetplayadmin

      There are three personality style types that are often confused because they can have a visual overlap: the Dramatic, the Creative, and the Rebellious. The differences can be subtle, and much of it boils down to intent!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I think I have bits of each of the personality in my fashion preferences. Would have laughed had anyone said I was rebellious but love those red animal print patent shoes and I have a graphic tee with big metallic lips that I wear with a tulle skirt. So there you go!

    • closetplayadmin

      We all have more than one personality style! Most of us skew most heavily toward two combined with splashes of a third. And many pieces cross personality styles. You could easily imagine a Dramatic wearing those pumps (although NOT a Relaxed!) and a Relaxed, Dramatic, or Creative in the Rolling Stones tee. Metallic lips on that tee sound more Dramatic combined with Feminine; we’ll get to her next! And a tulle skirt? Feminine, Dramatic or Creative. Remember, a lot of it is about the intention and attitude!

  • Lise

    I definitely have elements of rock chick rebel in me, dressing-wise and personality-wise. That is why I was my own boss from age 25. 🙂

    • closetplayadmin

      Nice to see you, Lise! I had that feeling from some of the comments you’ve made in the past! Have any of the other personality style elements spoken to you yet? We still have two to go…

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