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As I mentioned in the introductory post to this series, NO ONE is just one personality style! Each of these (Arche)Types is an extreme, or caricature, if you will. Every woman (and man) is unique, and so should style be. You may love the colors of one style, the fabrics of a second, and the lines and accessories of a third. Combining the elements makes your style uniquely you!

I started with Classic Style , but please remember: When it comes to style, personality trumps all. That’s because style is your personality expressed through what you wear on your body. Everyone has a personality, so EVERYONE has a style, even if they aren’t aware of what it is… Or what it should be for them! Many people dress in a default pattern without even taking the time to think, “Is this me?” “Is this what I want to say to the world?” A default isn’t a uniform. A default is a mindless pattern, in this case, of dressing. There’s nothing wrong with a consciously chosen uniform, or You-niform! Today, we’ll handle someone more relaxed…

The Relaxed woman is all about comfort. It could be that she loves the outdoors and wants to be able to move, or has a highly kinaesthetic (sensory) nature. Or both! Along with comfort, convenience is her watchword. Ms. Relaxed will be low maintenance or no maintenance, and may appear to neglect her appearance (She has more important things to do!) which can come across as sloppy. Some might describe her as Crunchy or Granola; she would call herself practical. If she works at an office, Ms. Relaxed feels constricted in a suit, and is the first to kick off her heels at the end of the day! (Her shoes are likely to be off her feet under her desk, too…)

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Ms. Relaxed gravitates toward the colors of nature: Blues, Greens, Tans, Browns, Greys, Rusts… Neon shades (unless for outdoor safety) are not her jam. She prefers her fabrics soft and textured. Think nubbly knits, fleeces, and corduroy. You won’t find Ms. Relaxed in constricting silhouettes. Everything she wears will be easy to move in. Tags, and waistbands that itch, and elastic or shoes that pinch will make her crazy. Stretch jeans were made for this woman!

Ms. Relaxed may wear no jewelry at all, but if she does, the shapes will be soft and organic: leaves, feathers, slightly rounded and irregular shapes, leather, brushed finishes, and raw or natural stones. No harsh angles or geometric pieces for her! If she wears a watch, it’s likely to be a sport model.

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Her shoes will be comfortable and practical; nothing will pinch or restrict. She could break into a jog in any of her shoes! She prefers suedes and matte finishes, in browns, greys and olives. The toe is likely to be rounded or almond shaped. Black patent leather pointy toed pumps aren’t going to make it into her closet! If they are there, they were bought for a wedding or a funeral. Her bag will be hands-free.

Shopping is tricky for Ms. Relaxed. On-line shopping may be her preference, because she doesn’t want to waste time at the mall (She’d rather be out hiking.), but because feel and texture are so important to her, on-line shopping may leave her with piles of unworn clothes or returns to be made. She may be happier shopping camping and outdoors stores for shoes and clothing; bonus if the label says “Technical” Think stores like REI and Cabela’s. She may look for brands like Patagonia, North Face, Columbia, Kavu, Jambu, and similar brands.

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If “Less is more.” is Ms. Relaxed’s motto, it is especially true in the grooming department. Colored lip balm qualifies as made-up, she might add mascara and powder for a special event. Her hair may be very short and finger comb friendly, or long and pulled into a ponytail. You won’t find her battling her texture, or damaging her locks with curling or straight irons.

So… What elements of the Relaxed Style speak to you? Any? Which make you cringe? Or do you just need more structure, or drama, or softness? This is a great time to start noting your likes as dislikes as the series rolls out. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I love to hear from you!

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    The acknowledgment that individuals are not confined to a single personality style is a refreshing and inclusive perspective. The idea that each style is an extreme or caricature allows for a more fluid and personalized approach to fashion. The encouragement to blend elements from different styles to create a unique and individualized expression resonates positively. It promotes the idea that personal style is a dynamic and evolving reflection of one’s preferences, allowing for creativity and authenticity in fashion choices. Overall, it’s an empowering message that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of personal style.

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I have a denim or chambray shirt dress very similar to the one you shared above. But I am not all about comfort…I will struggle in a pair of heels that hurt just because I like the way they look. Now that’s vain. I sure do like to hike, though.

    • closetplayadmin

      My question about your chambray shirt dress: Did you buy it because it shouted at you, grabbed you in the store, threw you to the floor and said “You’re going home with me, Leslie!” Or was it more of “that’s cute and would be practical” feeling? Or was it a gift, or a Stitch Fix?

  • Lise

    Oh, and I am always battling my locks -:) whether to straighten them, curl them or just tame them. So no-no I do not seem to be relaxed miss natural. Also enjoy a bit of make-up everyday. Lise

    • closetplayadmin

      Hmmmm… It sounds like you may have a relaxed personality, but not necessarily a Relaxed Style Personality! That sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

  • Lise

    Hi Liz, gosh I always thought a lot of my style was relaxed but reading this I actually am not at all. I love jewellery – wear it every day and I particularly like geometric shapes, natural colors are not my favourites, I enjoy a pointy toe shoe (if it is comfortable), I like quirky, edgy clothes, so how enlightening this is going to be. Looking forward to more on the this. Tx. Lise

    • closetplayadmin

      Welcome back, Lise! Don’t worry too much about an overall category at this point! Remember, each of these Archetypes is an extreme, or a caricature, if you will. The important part is to think about the pieces that speak most strongly to you. For example, you might love the colors of Classic, but the fit and fabrics of Relaxed, and the details/accessories of Dramatic. Knowing the pieces, to put together the style that’s uniquely you is what this series is all about! So often, women buy a “look” they love off a mannequin (or out of a catalog) only to have the closet wear it, because the style may speak to one of the pieces of their style personality, but rubs the wrong way against the rest.

  • Natalie Robinson

    I identified with most of this post except the technical clothing… For three reasons, I have previously managed a gear store so clothing feels uniform; technical clothing is expensive; the colours are blergh.

    • closetplayadmin

      Hi, Natalie! Great to see you! A great deal of Relaxed clothing can be bleh… Especially all the tans. And why they have been defaulting to black the past decade or so baffles me. Black gets dirty very easily when you go play outside! Sometimes the clothing designers for the sporty/comfortable side truly lack creativity in the palette department. Eggplant qualifies as exciting. Or they go for neon and bright sports team colors… There’s so much more to choose from!

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