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Resilient Woman Series

(Shameless Plug!)

Happy day, reader dear!

Whew! August has been a CRAZY month. Not busy in the running around sense of the word, but everyone is busy trying to get back to normal (or new normal) now that summer is winding down.

I am tickled to have been asked to participate in the Resilient Woman Series, hosted by Tabitha Holliman. Tabitha is an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and woman of faith with a heart for helping other women rise! 2020 has proven the importance of resilience. Can I get a witness? Tabitha saw the need to group and regroup, to focus on strengthening women to show up for themselves and cultivate their relationships with their spouses, families, and communities.

During the series, you will meet 21 experts sharing their experience and knowledge, on topics ranging from style (Yours Truly) to growing your confidence, healthy body nutrition and wellness, marriage principles, action steps for workplace success, mindfulness, decision making , and dreaming big, and many more. As each video drops, you can access it at the time of day most convenient for YOU! (I’ll be taking mine on my morning walk…)

I know this sounds like a $19.95 special, “Call before midnight tonight!”. I can’t guarantee it will change your life like a ShamWow, but if you take away one bit of knowledge you can apply to daily life to improve your strength and resilience, that’s a WIN in my book! And the cost? Free. Yup. I said Tabitha has a heart for women, didn’t I?

Here’s the link to the Resilient Woman Series homepage where you can sign up!

The first video drops today at 4PM Eastern, so you aren’t late at all!

So how about you? Has 2020 tested your resilience? Could you use some new ideas for old problems? Can you guess what the connection between Style and Resilience might be? Let me know if you can come join us!

Stylishly & Resiliently Yours,

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