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This post is not sponsored in any way! I’m just sharing our experience, one we fully paid for…

Happy day, dear reader!

I hope yours is going along swimmingly! So… Last week I told you a little bit about shopping with a client in Savannah, one of my favorite cities, but what other trouble did we get into? My goal was no-trouble-at-all, but as usual, we found some goodies along the way. I could spend 1000 plus words telling you all about the lovely Marshall House and the delicious meals we ate, but I wanted to share some “finds” to which I know we will return!

When we arrived on Sunday, the heat was ridiculous, and it was still too early for dinner, so we spend some time meandering. (Not my favorite activity when the temps are 100 degrees and more, but the intervals outside were short, and we tried to pop from shady patch to shady patch!)

Image from The Paris Market website… (I forgot to snap one!)

I’m sure we have walked by The Paris Market and Brocante many a time, and not noticed it. I’m glad we remedied that. What a gem! It is two levels (ground floor and below) of goodies, with a lovely little cafe tucked in one corner. The cafe is what lured us in; we had been thinking we needed a coffee and a treat to get us through to dinner. Curtis had a regular; I had an iced latte and nibbled on a macaron. A tasty macaron! With just the right crunch to squish ratio! Sweet but not too. De-lish! After that little something sustaining, we browsed. I found the market basket I’ve been searching for high and low. Short and long handles! And they had it in two sizes!

This is the smaller size… Basket, that is!

If we lived closer to Savannah, I would head to The Paris Market any time we needed a gift; I’m thinking a trip in December would sort out much of our Christmas shopping (and our budget) but would be time and money well spent! If a trip to Savannah isn’t possible, you can shop their website.

Regretting not picking this up!

Their children’s section is full of beautiful toys that defy the ever-so-ubiquitous plastic rubbish rule. I can’t share any pictures yet, because it would ruin a surprise… Their housewares, home goodies and gifts are all items you won’t just find anywhere. Including the giant jar of cicada husks? If they run out, they are welcome to visit us here in Augusta. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a yard full of cicada husks!

Further up the street we popped into Levy Jewelers. I wasn’t so tempted by the baubles in the window as I was by the walking sticks! I simply had to see the silver skull stick (How’s that for some alliteration?) up close and feel the balance. Then we found ourselves distracted by some absolutely gorgeous knives…

Why yes, I do have a thing for skulls.

After shopping with JJ on Tuesday, Curtis drove us out to the National Museum of the Mighty 8th Air Force with a goal… Not only did I want to see the museum (Curtis went on Monday while I was working with JJ), but we were stalking a celebrity, and she was scheduled to be there Tuesday afternoon. Let me explain… First: Read Code Girls by Liza Mundy! It’s a wonderful history of American women codebreakers during WWII. Talk about the best and brightest! We took our copy along because we had heard that one of the WAVEs whose story we read in the book, Betty Robarts, works at the museum as a docent. Yes, we were stalking a 94 year old WWII Navy veteran. And YES, she was there! We were thrilled to meet Betty; she was funny, gracious and full of spunk. Betty was also kind enough to autograph our (not so pristine) copy of Code Girls! Nothing like seeing this 50-something couple behaving like a total fanboy and fangirl, but people: Betty is COOL! She made history.

We thoroughly enjoyed the museum, and took a trip upstairs to the archives where the helpful and feisty woman at the information desk found records for Curtis’ grandfather (not in the 8th but a POW), and gave us some tips on where to go for more records!

On Wednesday before we left town, we had two more lovely surprises. First, I stopped in at Senses Skin Lounge for a free mini-facial. You can simply pop in for skin care purchases, or schedule a treatment if you are feeling so inclined. I left feeling so pampered and glowy that I even took a naked face pic and posted it on Insta! Check them out if you are in town. They, too, are on Broughton.

For more trouble, was (as it so often is) shoes! Next door to Senses, is the Globe Shoe Company, a shoe store with an old-fashioned commitment to fit. The specialize in quality brands, narrow widths, and comfort! They carry casual and dress shoes, and are probably the only shoe store I have been to in over ten years that still “shoes” you. They didn’t even do that at Ferragamo on 5th Avenue! They don’t have a website, but will take telephone orders and ship. I have a pair of Amour des Pieds on my fall wish list already!

I am compelled to share with you: Pounce Cat Cafe. I can’t go in the door. Allergies. I don’t even like cats, yet I am so taken with this idea that I’m tempted to load up on Benadryl and visit next time we are in town! Funny as all get out, and a great solution to the adoption/exposure problem. Feline loving students can come get their cat-fix. Sounds like an all around win!

There’s sooooo much more! I could do restaurants, sightseeing, and places to stay as each their own post, but that’s not what this blog is supposed to be about… Ooops! If you couldn’t tell, I just love Savannah and will take any excuse to visit. How about you? Have you ever been? What are your favorite haunts? Do share! I’d love to check out your faves next time we are in town!

Stylishly yours,

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