Scarf Style Challenge Days 41-50

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Happy day, reader dearest!


No, it’s not 2022 making me so happy.

We’ve reached…


(And there was much rejoicing!)

I wasn’t sure we would get here… I was beginning to despair somewhere around #30 The Knot.

Ooops! If you are new here, you are thinking to yourself Who is this strange woman… What is she talking about?

This strange woman is Liz Klebba of Closet Play Image, and I’m talking about the Scarf Style Challenge I started back in September. The idea was to work through Lauren Friedman’s darling little book 50 Ways to Style a Scarf, starting with Number 1: The Bandit and working my way through to Number 50: The Half Bow. Now I digress…

As I am wont to do every month or so: Closet Play Image is both my business and a labor of love. I love sharing bright style and wardrobe ideas; I hope you’ll find value here! Please share any goodness you find on the blog with others. Friends, family, or even better, both! Also, feel free to Pin looks you like to your Pinterest boards, share links on Facebook or comment on Insta! Your little actions help me pay the bills! AND your warm introduction is the best way for me to make new friends. When you are ready to work with me one-on-one or in 2022’s style group, let me know! (You don’t have to live by me, I work virtually, too!)

Back to the Scarf Show…

Day 41: The Audrey/Day 42: The Jackie

We get superstar power with these two, don’t we? The Audrey works best with a small square scarf, folded on the bias and tied in a square knot. I should have worn this with a long full skirt and channeled some Roman Holiday!

I love Jackie’s style. Both the Camelot days and her Jackie O days. Very different vibes and both elegant and perfectly her! This look belongs to the Jackie O days and deserves a pair of white jeans, flat sandals and a tucked tee! Some longer hair would help, too…

Day 43: The Montreal/Day 44: The Weight

‘Tis the season… For cozy scarf looks and The Montreal is just that! Perfect for extra warmth on a cold day. It keeps your neck and chest toasty!

The Weight is for those of us in warmer climes… When the thought of a scarf makes you break out in a heat rash! It’s aptly named; I was surprised at how well the knots helped weigh down the pashmina and kept it from sliding about.

Day 45: The Handle/Day 46: The Choker

These might be two of my faves from this sartorial adventure. Note: The challenge has made me appreciate the ties I love even more!

Here’s a video of a version of a varation of The Handle! Maybe we should call it The Handle Wrap?

Day 47: The Bunny Ears/Day 48: The Babushka

Day 49: The Peasant/Day 50: The Half Bow

This pair is a combination of the politically incorrect AND my favorite. What to say about the politically incorrect? This was a surprise. I thought I would hate it. The description makes it look perfect for a Halloween costume. And to my surprise I loved it, even if I’m not one to purposefully draw attention to my hips. This would be amazing on a V Body Shape!

Now for The Half Bow… This tie is my default and people are always asking me how I tie it! It’s super simple. Just tie a bow and pull one loop all the way through. Done. In the book, the illustration makes it sound much more complicated and shows it with a heavy winter scarf, but don’t let that scare you. The Half Bow is super versatile. Try it with almost any scarf! Unless asymmetry makes you uncomfortable. Then give it a miss! The reason I like The Half Bow is that it has more interest than a square knot, adds more color near your face, and isn’t as coy as The Pretty Girl.

Bonus: The Pup

The book adds a bonus tie at the end. The Pup. Alas, we no longer have a pup… Sigh. Someday. Note: A bandanna works well for our furry friends.


If this is the first post you’ve caught and are feeling left out, you can binge from the beginning!

The Overview

Days 1-10

Days 11-20

Days 21-30

Days 31-40

And today! Congratulations, you’re done!

How About You?

Have you a copy of Lauren’s book? Did you tie along with me? Have you tried any new scarf styles in the past few months? What have been your favorites? Which of today’s do you like best? Which wouldn’t you be caught dead in? What scarf shape do you find it easiest to work with? Do you have a holiday scarf? Do you have a fur baby? Does he or she get to wear a bandanna? Tell me about it! I do so love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,



    Have I mentioned lately that you are adorable, animated and fun. Oh, and so stylish. Soooo many ways to wear a scarf. I am just so fumble fingered. But want to try a couple of these so I can more use out of my pretty scarves. Thank you for inspiring all of us. Happy New Year, darling YOU.

    • Liz K

      I wish I could be out West and give you a personalized scarf session, Leslie! You don’t need talented fingers… Believe you me! (I don’t have any.)

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