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Seasonal Wardrobe Color Changes

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

I hope you are having a FABULOUS one! As I write, I am pondering all the imponderables of a trip to the beach with our grandsons, getting everything done for work to make that happen, and the care and feeding of Mama while we are gone. It’s a miracle I can sleep at all at night with all the stuff running through my head!

In THE Style Reset group, our focus this month is Wardrobing, specifically creating and expanding capsule wardrobes for each of the ladies–for her personality, lifestyle, coloring and body shape. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but they’re up for it! We’ve been laying the groundwork all year long and we are working through it step by step.

Which brings me to a question I am often asked about my seasonal Capsule Wardrobes: How do you change your wardrobe colors from season to season? (If you want to find out about changing your whole wardrobe’s color palette, read more about that, here.)

But I digress. What was that question, again? How do you change your wardrobe colors from season to season?

I don’t.

(It just looks like I do!) Let me show you what I mean…

It may sound strange, but I refuse to spend money on colors that don’t work for my coloring. Yes, it requires some discipline, but I appreciate that the limit I’ve set for myself eliminates hundreds of items every time I go to the store. Less choices means less shopping stress. (You could think of setting those limits as a part of Shopping Mindfully!)

Note: When I do break my own rules, it is usually for a pair of shoes or a bag. Yes, Mustard and Olive, I’m looking at you!

Above, you can see my Sublime palette. (It’s one of the 18 palettes in the Absolute Color System, the color system I use when typing my clients who request a Color Consultation.) My coloring is Cool, Light and Soft and I look my healthiest and happiest in colors that mirror those properties. (Did I mention that wearing my colors also means wearing less makeup? That’s a win in my book!)

Neutrals and Accents

The main neutrals in my wardrobe are Whites, Greys, Denim, and Navy. I have a few (Verrrrry few) Black items sprinkled in there, too.) The lighter neutrals are more flattering for my coloring, so each season, they predominate.

The main colors in my wardrobe are Pinks, Greens and Blues and some Reds. There’s a smattering of Purple in there, too. (I have an On Again/Off Again relationship with purple.)

Are you confused as to the difference between colors and neutrals? That’s okay! This should sort you out.

Seasonal Changes

When I change my wardrobe from season to season, I switch which Neutrals I focus on and the same for the Accent colors. If you’ve been reading a while, you’ll have noticed this in my Wardrobe Inspo posts.

Warmer Seasons

For example, this Spring/Summer my Neutral focus is on Whites, Denims and Navy. Greys are non-existent this season. My chosen Accents are Pink, Red and Green.

In spring 2020, the Neutral story was all about the Denim, White and Grey. (No navy!) The Accents were Aquas/Teals and Pinks/Reds. (Tints and shades of a color count as one color.)

Cooler Seasons

In the fall, I often shift to darker or more vibrant colors in my palette. There are Fall/Winter colors in every palette. (YOUR colors don’t have seasons. They work for you ALL the year long!)

In fall 2019, you can see my Neutrals were Grey, White and Navy and the Accents were Blush/Wine and Teal.

In 2020, I decided to give White a vacation and focused on Neutrals of Denim and Grey and played with using Blush as a neutral. (It worked quite well, thank you.) This season my Accents were a deep Green and Teal.

Winter 2020 had me toying with two possible color palettes. You can see the first focuses on White and Denim blue Neutrals with Accents of Red and Green. There’s also a little Brown in there as a third Neutral. (I have a very small brown Beauty Bundle that was going to get a workout if I chose that palette…) The second focuses again on White, Denim and Grey with Green and Purple Accents.

A year later, I was looking for a softer winter palette with White, Denim and Navy Neutrals and Blush, Teal and Green Accents.

The Illusion of Change

Cycling my wardrobe through the seasons allows for both the change I crave and sustainability–which aligns with my values. The colors and pieces I am not wearing during the season go into my Out-of-Season Storage Box. When I open the box back up, it feels like shopping for new with old friends! As you just saw, the change is really about where I choose to focus.

How About You?

Are you a person who likes seasonal change in your wardrobe? If so, how do you go about it? What Neutrals do you have the most of in your wardrobe? Which Accent colors predominate in your closet? What is your Happy Color? Is it reflected in your wardrobe? When was the last time you gave your closet a good clean out? Did you find that easy or difficult? What questions do you have about building a great wardobe? Do tell… I love to hear from you! (And you just might inspire a blog post. I can always use some inspiration…)

Stylishly yours,


  • Andrea

    Great insights Liz and some challenging questions. I don’t work a seasonal capsule but do make some seasonal changes. I know I wear more charcoal/grey in the colder months. My main accent colour is also distinctly “seasonal”: wine for coldest months(June- September), yellow in the transition(October to December) and orange for our warmest months (January to May).

    • Liz K

      Choosing distinct colors that feel more “seasonal” is a great way to play it, Andrea! Glad to drop a few challenging questions on you! (I know you are ALWAYS up for a challenge.)

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