Business Services

Image and Wardrobe Workshops

Image and wardrobe workshops are a great way to introduce new employees to your company by making your expectations for them clear; this relieves stress, and can minimize human resources issues. Each workshop is targeted to your company’s specific needs. These workshops can open a Dress Code Brainstorming session, or follow a Dress Code Consultation to smooth the implementation process. Image and Wardrobe Workshops are also an excellent support for employees transitioning into new positions of authority, showing them not only that you want them to succeed, but giving them the tools to do so.


Dress Code Consulting

This includes brainstorming with principals, human resources, management, and/or employees to craft a customized dress code that works for your business, minimizes dress issues and complaints, and supports your company’s brand. At the end of the process, you will receive a written dress code document with illustrations if needed.


Uniform Consulting

Uniforms can create a feeling of teamwork, and professionalism, or be a human resources nightmare. I help your business choose a uniform that reflects the image you would like your company to project, and help you select the clothing appropriate for the job. Functionality, fit, color psychology and complexion flattery should be key to your uniform color selection process. Colors have powerful emotional associations, both for those wearing the uniform, and those interacting with your employees. This is a decision worth spending time and money to get right the first time!


Business Service Fees

Businesses are billed by the hour. For more information, please contact me through either the Facebook or LinkedIn icons below.

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