Not only do I present talks and workshops for businesses, but I also speak for groups on a variety of topics about image and style. Please feel free to download my speaker sheet and call me for more information!



Liz Klebba, BA, MAT

Founder and Chief Creative Officer-Closet Play Image

Certified Image Consultant (Women’s & Men’s)

Certified Color Consultant & Skilled Member AICI

Liz Klebba combines a life-long love of style and fashion, culture and psychology, with years of international living experience and people-watching to serve her personal style and business clients. Her passion for authentic personal style, classroom experience, and professional training give Liz a unique ability to teach the language of style to her clients, allowing them to step out confidently into every day’s adventures, whether ordinary or exciting!

The Power of Color

Using Color to Your Advantage in Business

Put Style in Your Business Tool Box

Please Don’t Dress for “Success”—It’s Soooooo 80’s!

What Did You Say When You Got Dressed This Morning?       

Why Dress Up?

Personality and Dress

Looking YOUR Best—Hint: Yours Doesn’t Look Like Anyone Else’s

Spirituality and Style: Made in the Image and Likeness

Please ask if another style topic interests you!

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