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Packing Inspiration for Short Trips

Happy day, dear reader!

Yep! It’s official. I’m obsessed with travel. I love the words road trip, long weekend, getaway, reservation, pretty much anything to do with travel. Passport sends shivers of excitement down my spine! In today’s repost, I’m sharing some travel packing inspiration. There are boards from all seasons here, since readers are everywhere!

Early fall? Let’s start with a weekend getaway to the mountains! The days are still warm, but the nights and mornings are cool…

Another weekend getaway! If only I had these boots, and the red dress… And that scarf!

How many of you dread packing for a trip to see your in-laws? Nothing ever feels right? How about this?

Here’s your treat after hosting Christmas at your house this year…

Is it time yet for a Valentine’s getaway? Or a spring fling?


What do you mean it’s too early to head to the beach? It’s never too early! (Or too late.) She plans on spending most of the weekend in her bathing suit. That’s why you go to the beach, right?

For a longer beach trip…

Maybe you prefer sand of a different sort… Desert sand. (It’s a dry heat!)

How about you? Do you love to travel? Why or why not? Would you rather have a root canal than travel? Do you find packing a pleasure, or a stress? Do any of these travel packs inspire you to buy a ticket and pull out your suitcase? Where would you like to go next? What do you always pack? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below!

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        1. Thank you so much for visiting, Carmela! We lived in Europe for years when our boys were little… I have such fond memories and look forward to returning someday. Traveling with children is its own adventure, full of wonderful surprises, and some challenges. But always a blessing!

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