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Simple Style 2023

Basics + Punch

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

Simple Style is tricky.

Because simple means something different to everyone.

Simple is complex. (I know… Oxymoron or Contradiction in Terms)

Usually the simple IS complex when we take a closer look at it. So that’s what I’m up to today. (And encourage you to be up to, too! 😉

I’m a firm beliver in reflection being good for the mind, soul AND the wardrobe!

Before I reflect on what simple means to me in this season, I want to check out what I’ve written before about Simple Style. (And hoping I don’t come across as full of both hubris and bull.)

I’m thoroughly embarassed as I’ve written about Simple Style twice! Once in 2018 and again in 2021.

Maybe it IS time for an update?

As for simple=less, I’m still trying to get to that happy place of less. This past year, the stress of everyday living lent itself to less than mindful purchasing and some retail therapy. Not proud of that, but I know how to fix it and have been taking baby steps to move out the extra.


Grab yourself a scrap of paper and a warm (or cool) beverage of your choice, and reflect: What does Simple Style mean to you? Is simple a number? A color? A family of colors? Neutrals? Does simple mean basic pieces? No accessories? Or wearing the same accessories all the time? Does simple mean not changing bags? Or only wearing flat shoes? What doesn’t simple style mean? The definitions of Simple Style are myriad. Just like people!

Simple Style 2023

This season, for me Simple Style means basic pieces with one dramatic punch. (Simple Style doesn’t mean boring!) Maybe that’s multiple fake flower brooches on a plain navy dress.

Or a pile of necklaces topping a neutral base.

Simple could mean basic pieces in an atypical color combination, like Green + Magenta + Navy.

If a clothing piece is complicated, or busy–like the blouse below, it will stand alone. This day I wore it with jeans shorts. Oh, and note to self: Let’s stick with nude or neutral nails.

How About You?

What does Simple Style mean to you? Do you uncover anything new in your reflection? Is your defintion appealing? Are you in a season where simple is what you need? Or are you in a need-more season? Do you love a good reflection? Or find it uncomfortable? (There’s a reason some of my clients joke about our work being Wardrobe Therapy!) Knowing what you need makes all the difference in how you approach your style and your wardrobe! Please do share what you are thinking… There’s room for you, here!

Stylishly yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    Hmmm.  Simple for me is my uniform of well-fitting jeans, a blouse with a pattern and flattering colors, flats (sandals or shoes) and small colored earrings.  I have beyond far too many clothes, so that formula always saves me when I have to hurry and I’m overwhelmed.

    • Liz K

      Too much is a common wardrobe issue, Kathleen! Do you know how you ended up with “beyond far too many clothes”? Do they all still fit and work for your lifestyle? Jeans + Blouse sounds like a great simple uniform!

  • Sally in St Paul

    “Simple style” has two meanings that come to mind right away for me. (1) Wearing my pre-planned outfits is as easy as it gets; no decision-making in the morning simplifies my life! (2) Having most of my closet contain simple, standard silhouettes rather than billowing sleeves, architectural details, voluminous cuts, dramatically short or long lengths, etc., that can be difficult to pair together.

    • Liz K

      I am ALL about hanging out my outfit the night before, Sally! The less thinking I need to do in the AM, the better… Too many different silhouettes is one of the biggest struggles to creating a versatile wardrobe! (I spend a lot of time cleaning the extra silhouettes that don’t work for them out of client’s closets.)


    Simple style means classic basics in neutral colors with great accessories and gold jewelry!! Good fabrics and leather accessories!! Silk scarves!! Great wraps!! Gloves leather !! Camel wool coat!! I’m wearing simple good style then!! I’m content!!! l

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