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Happy day, reader dear!

Super short post today. Basically because I scheduled too much into last week AND spent Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday at a virtual conference. That was AMAZING. But now I’m exhausted.

Add to that: computer constipation today. It started when I couldn’t open any of the programs I use for creating visuals and making notes. Then it spent more than two hours having a petite crise when we tried to update it. It’s now 5:30 Sunday evening, and I can at least get online to try and schedule this post.

My apologies. I feel like I’m giving you short shrift. I originally thought that this might be a soapbox day, but at this point I’m too tired for soapbox. My plan was to ramble a bit about the myth that you need a big wardrobe to be stylish.

Or a big closet.

It turns out you need neither. Style requires discernment, practice, and some discipline. Not a particular set of clothes. Not a special handbag. Nor a huge budget. If style doesn’t come naturally to you, it requires a little time, some effort and most of all… Coachability.

How about you? Do you think style is something you have to be born with? Is there an outfit that makes you feel particularly stylish? What is it? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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