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Spring 2019 Capsule: Final Cut

Or Mostly Final… It’s always a work in progress!

Happy day, dear reader!

I’m finally getting around to the logistics of my Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve been getting a sneak peek of how this spring is playing out. On the first of the month (My official start date, but NOT mandatory!), I posted this inspiration board and some musings about where I thought this spring capsule was going… Note the italics on “thought!”

But I wasn’t very happy with it. Parts of it felt perfect: the color palette, some of the pieces, the scarf as the inspiration/jumping off point, but something was missing. I’m craving simplicity, which I could see playing out in the monochromatic looks below: the white on white with the hat, the lady in gray, and even the jumpsuit.

But this board was all trousers and jeans, and lacked the feminine softness I was looking for. So I played around with it some more and when I saw it, I realized what I needed… I was missing a Vibe! What overall vibe? One and Done. Jumpsuit, monochromatic, dresses, those are all One and Done. So are statement earrings, a hat, and a fabulous scarf. All you need is one. One and Done. So here’s where Spring 2019 is shaking out now…

Spring has less structure than my winter capsule, lighter colors, and a swingy feel coming from A-line dresses, and that wider pant leg. Now I feel like I am gravitating toward that One and Done! vibe. I’m historically a maximalist when it comes to accessorizing, but lately I’m looking for punch with a simpler feel: scarf and hoops, one long or big necklace. Letting fewer items do the talking, and speaking more clearly. Maybe that’s more grown-up? I don’t know, but some people might say it’s far past time for me to do so…

Here’s a little video of what I’ve chosen for spring to help this come alive.

Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe Selections

No, there are no Princess Blue pieces in the video peek; I expect that blue to play out in accents and accessories. Princess Blue is too saturated for my coloring, but will work in small doses! Also, I know there’s no black on my inspo board, but I love the shape of the blouse, and of the black and soft white stripe tee. So in they go. We’ll see how they play out, or don’t. I’ll be keeping an eye on them. And that tailored jacket that seems out of context? I’ve been loving the tailored jackets I’ve been seeing over the soft billowy dresses and skirts. I don’t have any of those, but who knows what might show up at the consignment store…

And to see how working, here are a few of the the looks so far!

That’s it! I’ll keep you posted on what is and isn’t working, and you can see for yourself on Instagram. You are more than welcome to follow the journey there!

What season are you moving into? Spring or fall? Do you keep your whole wardrobe out all year long, or swap for the seasons? Let me know in the comments below; I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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