Capsule Wardrobing

Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe Planning

And Lessons Learned from Winter 2018-2019

Happy day, dear reader of mine!

Happy March! Hope yours is going swimmingly! Today is the official start of my spring wardrobe capsule. I should have had this better planned, but sometimes life requires living “off the cuff” so to say, and February has been one of those months! If capsule wardrobing is new to you, please read more about Why I Love a Good Capsule , 3 Reasons for a Smaller Wardrobe ,or 5 Steps to a Great Capsule for more about why and how I live my obsession.

Planning for a season usually begins at about halfway through the previous! I do a midpoint debrief to see what’s working, what’s not, and register what adjustments I’ve made. At that point, my mind usually starts racing ahead to next season. What may I want to carry forward? What am I sick of? What will need replacing? And… What colors and feeling might I be looking for in the coming season? If these seems like far too much thinking about clothes, it’s not really… Most of it happens organically, but I break it out here since you’re not in my head. (Good thing. It can be dark and damp in there!)

1. What Kind of Look Do I Want? (Imagine)

To be frank, I’m struggling this spring. I wrote about why in my Spring Summer 2019 Trends post, but March is here and I need to get dressed, so into the breach I go. I expect there will be some modifications along the way since this inspiration board feels far less cohesive than in other seasons. I don’t feel any overarching vibe, just a bunch of (as yet) disconnected pieces. I likely need some more time for reflection and refinement. That’s just dandy. A capsule wardrobe isn’t a test. There’s no grade. It’s a learning adventure!

Two reasons why I’m feeling a little stuck: (1) I fell for the silk scarf above at Talbot’s last fall. That was to be my jumping off point, pink with that bright blue border. It was on clearance; I ordered it, and they ran out. I should know better, but normally square silk scarves don’t sell as fast as other shapes. You often find them for pennies in the clearance bin, because many women struggle to tie them and not feel old-lady. So… Waiting isn’t usually a problem. This time it was, but after more than a dozen phone calls (Yes, that might be considered obsessive.), a lovely young associate named Katelyn at Governor Square Mall in Talahassee found my scarf. Thank you, Katelyn! Now that it’s in the post, I’m feeling more in the groove! (2) Stripes! Where are my stripes? There are NONE here, and stripes always mean spring to me! (Looks like I need to do some more playing with my inspo board!)

What I do know: I’m done with the wines and raspberries from fall and winter. I’ve worn them to death and they feel dark. Time for them to go into storage. I may hold onto my red skirt for just a bit longer, in case of some more cool weather. And because I love it with my embroidered blouse. I’m not at all over my frayed hem Levi’s, but know I will need to put them away in another month. Their weight makes them too heavy for a long stretch of our mostly hot climate. Sigh.

2. What Do I Have? (Assess)

Shopping My Closet/Storage Box:

I already have most everything I need in my closet and out of season box. I am still crushing on the blush tones that I started wearing last year, and will continue to run with them and the pinks that are in there already! I have an old pair of suede sandals in (a sort of) Princess Blue. The color gives me 80’s flashbacks, but in a good way! I wore the sandals last spring and summer, but really want to get them out more. I’d like them to be my default heels for the next few months. They’ll go with anything, especially if I toss that scarf around my neck!

They look a little dark here…

My pink polka dot blouse needs a makeover. I love it, but don’t wear it as often as I might because the long bell sleeves get into everything. Which is just fine if you aren’t planning on cooking or eating! Since I do like to eat at least three times a day and usually cook to do so, I’m taking the blouse to the tailor to have the bells cut down to half their length. That should make food-ing much more manageable!

3. What Do I Need? (Evaluate)

What do I need?

I reeeeeeeally need a new white tee. Our springs and summers here are hot and sticky, so a white tee usually only makes it through one round of SS before it’s time to get rid of it. I bought one last year at the end of the season and love the neckline, but I don’t like the way it clings to my lumps and bumps. The lumps and bumps are not likely to be going away, so the tee will have to.

A new pair of flat shoes would rock my spring/summer world. I seem to have plenty of heels, but am sorely lacking in flats that aren’t sandals or casual shoes. The blush slingbacks above make a good neutral flat. Although more casual, I’ve been eyeing a pair of pointy-toed Rothy’s as well. Their company story is a bonus.

I must focus on keeping a good balance between work and play clothes, and make sure I have enough nice pieces for business events, workshops, and the like. There’s also the big AICI Conference in Chicago in April to keep in mind… I’m looking forward to all the inspiration a conference full of Image Consultants will provide! And we just booked a trip to see hubby’s family in April, too. It’s going to be a crazy month.

How much do I need?

As always, not as much as I think! I didn’t even wear quite a few of my winter pieces. Winter’s item count was 35, and I didn’t wear 6 of them… One due to fit, the others–function.

Note to self 1: I don’t need as many “dressy clothes” as I imagine; my life doesn’t go there. And I have a small Special Occasion Capsule I can dip into if needed. Get over including clothes for dressing up!

Note to self 2: Only things that fit comfortably right now deserve a place in my capsule. I can swap out later if needed!

4. What Will I Buy? (Eliminate Options)

Well, I’ve already bought the scarf! Now for it to hurry up and get here! I have also ordered the jumpsuit and jeans to try. My big splurge was the new sunglasses I picked up out on my trip to LA in February. They make me insanely happy, even if we’ve had two weeks of rain and gloom since I bought them.

To complement the light vibe I have going on above (minus the denim jumpsuit), I’d love a pair of blush trousers, but I’m not holding my breath on that. I think blush trousers would spend more time in the laundry than time available to wear… I can do white jeans, they’re bleachable, and I do a bleach white load twice a week.

I’d like a new tote. If you’ve been around a while, you know me and my thing about bags, but haven’t been able to make the leap for a blush one yet. I’m teetering between blush, white, and light blue. All would work well, I’m still struggling with ambivalence, so I am clearly NOT ready to buy yet. These are “dupes” available on Amazon; my fickle nature, budget, and economic value make the “real deal” unreal for me, and no deal. Nor do I want to pretend I’m someone I’m not, which means the white and blue bags feel like putting on airs. The blush less so, but only because most people don’t recognize it…

I love, Love, LOVE the denim sandals from Talbot’s on my inspo board, but don’t really need another pair of sandals. Even if they do have those groovy crossed straps and an amazingly walkable heel… I have enough shoes! Probably enough to last a few years without buying any new, but that might qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. Some people are just shoe people. I am one. ‘Nuf said.

All this wanting gets in the way of one of my 2019 Style Resolutions, which is not a shopping fast, but a recommitment to my French 5 limits. The sunglasses and jumpsuit (if it makes the cut) are definitely “fashion items” that would count toward my 5 for Spring/Summer. Hopefully keeping 5 in mind will help me be more selective about my purchases this season!

How about you? Are you thinking forward to your next season yet, or is it too early or too late? What colors and/or neutrals do you want more of this coming season? Is there anything you are just “done with”? Let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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