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Spring 2021 Bucket List

And Winter Bucket List Reckoning

Dum, dum, dum, dum….

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s SPRING! (Or fall?) Even if I jumped the gun and began dressing for it on 1 March! I hope your weather is cooperating with your seasonal sartorial wishes. Mine has so far and my Spring Capsule Wardrobe is getting plenty of wear! Now that the the season is official, it’s time to take stock of Winter’s Bucket List and think forward to what I want to do this spring.

Back in December I said, I think for winter, I’m going to put purely fun and entertaining items on my bucket list. It should have been a breeze to get all three items knocked out in a trice, right? I wonder if I have a bit of a have fun problem. Apparently, I keep shoving fun to the bottom of the priority list… I don’t think I’m the only one. Unfortunately.

I don’t want it to be that way. I want a fresh start! I’m pondering basing summer’s list on the 4 Burners. There’s some overlap with the categories I’ve been using, but it might just be time for a little change! Let’s look back at how it went and forward toward the new season…


WINTER 2020/21: That fun and entertaining reminder completely changed the way I looked at what to put on my list! Unfortunately, I struggle with connecting the words fun and health. Especially this year. I know I’m not the only one, right? I really was enjoying our weekend bike rides, so a new bike for Christmas would be awesome! Getting out again for bike rides would be fun AND good for me! (We let that slide when the extra chilly mornings and Mr. CP’s school schedule got the better of us.) Biking was a total bust. I crashed my bike and damaged it, and my new bike (that was to arrive mid-January in time for my birthday) arrived in mid-March. The bike is finally here, and I’m looking forward to getting out and about on her! (I think she needs a name…) Drop me any ideas you have! I found myself getting back to walking and some light stretching and bending, so that’s something?

#ajbw #andyjordans

SPRING 2021: Let’s try this one again… Now that I have a new bike! Getting out again for weekend bike rides would be fun AND good for me.


WINTER 2020/21: How to get fun and home in the same bucket list item? I’m struggling with this one. Problem: I’m not a TV watcher. Watch a movie each week? Play a board game? Maybe a combination of the two? Let me know your thoughts. I could use some more home fun ideas that don’t involve ingesting carbs. (I’ve got those below…) Thanks! This list item went pretty well, thanks to Wanda Vision. We watched an episode and were hooked. Mr. CP is a Marvel fan. Okay, to be real, an all universes fan. And I loved the vintage costuming and sets. Mama loved the season, too and was disappointed when we arrived at the end! We played board games a few times. Mama is an avid Scrabble player, but we don’t play for score. Chez Closet Play, it’s all about bragging rights for the coolest word! Oh, and Mousetrap when the grands had a sleepover.

SPRING 2021: Weather permitting, I’d like to finish the kitchen cabinets I started painting last spring and summer. Once the weather got cold and soggy, the project went on hold. We found new hinges and magnets that are working beautifully, so I’d love to get this part of the project completed! That may not sound like fun, but the feeling of having freshly painted (sort of) cabinets makes my heart dance with anticipation… And dancing is certainly fun!


WINTER 2020/21: I’ve never been a gardening kind of woman, but part of me would like to be! I’d love some suggestions on how to ease into/learn to love gardening. I love the look of a garden and the idea, but the work in the heat and the dirt? Not so much. But I know I can learn! Since the goal is fun, my bucket list item is S’mores around the fire pit! I love S’mores more than any adult human should. (Monthly would be awesome, but I’ll take even just once.) Mischief managed! Not monthly, but our youngest grandson had a sleepover this past Saturday night, and we made S’mores. A fabulous mess. Woo hoo!

Sparkler, Fireworks, Hand, Fourth Of July, Holiday

SPRING 2021: I’m not sure how to have garden fun in 2021. It’s likely to be hot and buggy. Neither of those makes hanging out in the garden fun. An egg hunt for Easter? That would be fun! Playing in the sprinklers? That would be fun! Roasting hot dogs on sticks over the fire pit? That would be fun! Sparklers for no reason? That would be fun! Now I have some ideas…

How About You?

Do your forms of transportation have names? What would you name a sky blue bicycle? Has the 4 Burners analogy come across your radar? (It’s been popping up all over mine this past week, like things do.) Which Garden fun would you choose? What would be your idea of Garden Fun? Health Fun? Home Fun? I could certainly use some inspiration! Do you ever struggle to make time for fun? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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  • Carol

    You’ve covered a lot in this post – firstly glad you weren’t injured in the bike accident. Also glad you have a new one. It’s very pretty. My first thought was ‘old blue’ but it’s new so that doesn’t really work. I feel like you already named it ‘Sky’ as you called it a sky blue bike.

    Absolutely loved Wandavision too. (My husband is an all universe fan too). The costumes were amazing. I really loved Agent Carter for the same reason.

    As to gardening, I love it but I don’t get as much time as I’d like. My suggestion for a start is containers. You can plant large containers of flowers or vegetables and they are more manageable than a whole garden – and you don’t have to get down in the dirt. Just remember that the plants are solely dependant on you for food and water in a container so you will need to water every day (maybe twice if you live where it’s really hot) and fertilize regularly.

    • Liz K

      Sky might just be the ticket! Unless I feel like it needs a spelling shift… Skyye? Think it’s time to head out into the backyard and tear out the dead plants from last year!


    Liz, Loved the article on the Four Burners! I can’t garden. While it sounds like fun I know its a lot of work! I would love to shop at a farmers market but must admit my more affordable option is a co-op. Check and see if there is one in your area! I’m not a TV watcher. For fun we love to pick out recipes from our extensive collection of cook books! ( I collect cookbooks but realize I really don’t need anymore but would love to have a French Gluten-free cookbook I found!) It’s fun cooking together! I LOVE to read!!! That has kept me sane during the lockdown!! I pray you don’t turn off the burner of posting on your website! You would be sorely missed! Your my absolute favorite fashion site!!!!! I’ve cut out everything but Dressed for my Day and I ONLY read her Blessing for Your Day. You by far have the very best fashion advice from anyone!! May the Lord bless you!!!

    • Liz K

      I’m flattered, Natalie! And glad I can put a bright spot in your day a few times a week. Cooking is one of our favorite activities, as well. I’m having a hard time imagining a GF French cookbook! But I suppose it’s about selecting the recipes that are naturally GF, or don’t need too much adapting. I do quite a bit of GF cooking when our family comes to eat since my DIL is gluten intolerant.

    • Liz K

      I have a few pots… And even struggle with those! LOL! But I’m giving them another try this year. My problem? I hate hot, sweaty and dirty. All of which gardening in the South make unavoidable…

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