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Spring Bucket List Update


Wishing you a most happy day, dear reader!

I had the intention of updating my Spring Bucket List post at the end of April. Life happened. Hence the subtitle above. If you were waiting for this, my apologies. Please forgive me. And read on to see how I am doing with this season’s list.

To keep it simple so that you don’t have to go back and read the first post, I’ll copy the list entries, and follow the illustration with my update. So, how am I doing?


One (1)

Schedule “Dates” with my sons and grandsons for the next months. I’ve been wanting to take each of them out for some mom and son time, and keep forgetting to get to it. Maybe a meal, or a walk at the canal. Someone will probably want to go shooting. I want to do something special with my daughters-in-law, too; I had better get scheduling!

So far, so good! I had breakfast with my oldest in April one morning after his shift at the fire station. We grabbed a quick breakfast downtown as it was Masters Weekend and everything out our way is bananas. It was really lovely just to have some time with him without the little ones vying for his attention, and away from the chores and cares of eating at home! May is scheduled with #3 son! We had a sleepover with our grands, and I have talked to my DIL’s about doing something with them. It’s all about the schedules. Cat herding!

Two (2)

Plan and make a farewell trip to the Mermaid House with our grandsons. Sigh. The owner is retiring, and our happy place will be his permanent residence. We are pleased for him, and at the same time sad for us and for our family. We have made lovely memories over the years at the Mermaid House (dubbed so by our oldest grandson, Thomas) and will miss it terribly. Addendum to Item 2: Start hunt for a new place to stay in FB.

Not well at all! This one completely fell off my radar with two other trips in April. I have a feeling we are too late on this one. Unless Memorial Day is an option. Not holding my breath. But it does look like there are some Air BnB options… VRBO as well, but they’re all right near the beach, and more than we want to pay!

Three (3)

Plan a business birthday party! Closet Play Image will be two in June, and it’s time to do something special to celebrate. Maybe drinks and nibbles? I want to invite my clients, friends and family, and all those who have supported me on my journey.

Birthday Cupcakes with Lit Candles

Nothing in stone, yet, but I have been collecting info! So far I’ve found a great potential location, and some sweet nibbles. More to do, I know, but this isn’t until June, so it’s more of a back burner project. (Until the last minute, that is!)

Four (4)

Get consistent with my NHS Couch to 5K. I made it all the way to the end last summer/fall with the training, and loved how I felt. I have always hated running, and on this regime I actually woke up looking forward to my run days… Not sure how that happened, but it was awesome! Unfortunately, I fell off over the winter. I don’t like the treadmill, and running in the pitch black mornings was not ideal. I had a scare that frightened me inside, and I don’t like that feeling. I want that wake-up-looking-forward-to-a-run feeling again! Baby steps.

This one has gone for doo-doo. Two trips in April really wreaked havoc on any of the progress I made between this post and now. I had gotten to Week 3, and now I’m back to squat. I derail incredibly easily. On the plus side, I did get back to yoga both days this week, and have had a couple of good walks, as well. Arrgh. This should be going live on a Monday morning, so I’ll make some progress and report!

Five (5)

Buy myself flowers. Every. Week. It’s the simple things. For the same price as a cup of foofy coffee, I can have a thing of beauty that will make me smile every time I see it. When we lived in England, I had fresh flowers in the house year round. There, flowers were quite inexpensive and lasted for at least a week, sometimes two. The shorter shipping distance made all the difference! I know the flowers I buy here won’t have the same staying power, but beauty is no less so for its fleeting nature.

Yay! Some progress! While I’ve been home, there have been flowers. This week they are weeds from my garden, and a bit scraggly, but the color makes my heart sing, so that’s all that matters!

Did you make a bucket list? If so, how’s it going? If not, what might you put on a Summer Bucket List? I’m always open to good ideas! Let me know in the comments below; I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Hope you will consider sharing another update and link up with us on 05.21. So sorry it has taken so long for me to get by your blog. I have been caring for my mom with little Internet connectivity. Being out of town has wreaked havoc on my plans to eat better and exercise more this spring.
    Great work on your dates with your sons and grands. That is such a treat! And glad you have consistently treated yourself to fresh flowers. It truly is the little things in life!

    • closetplayadmin

      I understand! I am my mother’s primary caregiver, and am fortunate that she lives here with us and our connectivity. When we were out visiting my in-laws in April, the lack of connectivity was both a blessing and a curse. It is those little things! Enjoy your time with your mother… Now to remember to link-up for the next one!

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