Capsule Wardrobing

Spring Capsule (2020) Faves

And Spring 2020 Capsule Debrief

AKA: Dressing During Covid

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s the end of the season… Which means planning a new capsule. In order to do that well, it means gleaning what lessons I can from the last capsule. (I also need to look back to last summer’s debrief, to see what else I might like to keep in mind. Argh. Turns out I forgot to write one last year, so I’ll cast back to Summer 2018’s debrief, and see what that turns up!

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Logistics Lesson from Winter Debrief: Gotta be better about taking those selfies. Even on days when I don’t feel like it. Done.

Note: This pictures are posted in date order. I don’t love an outfit less just because it’s further down the page!


29/30 Pieces of clothing in this capsule was my sweet spot! This past winter’s capsule had too many. Spring 2018’s capsule with 20 pieces wasn’t quite enough…

My default Jeans + Blouse + Heels outfit recipe turned out to be pretty much perfect for #shelterinplace and #workfromhome. I certainly didn’t plan that. I know no one did. And would have preferred not to… I got to wear my jeans! I looked presentable business-wise on the top half AND If you saw the jeans, that was fine! Heels help trigger my brain into “work” mode. No, I didn’t wear heels every day, but I did put on “real shoes” every work day. I can’t think in bare feet or flip flops…


It may not look it from the faves included here, but as I looked back over the three months (March-May), I spied a darker trend. My outfits were definitely not as light as I normally wear throughout spring. That may have been an effect of including more brights in my capsule. Wearing those brights paired with greys and denim created an overall darker look. Or it could have just been the cooler weather!

This was a weekend look. See! Flip flops!
(Document it. It doesn’t happen often.)

After being so thankful to take a season off from style challenges, I really enjoyed the #thriftedstylechallenge. Even if it did mean pulling some pieces out of my storage boxes to create an outfit!

This was the loveliest spring I can remember here in Georgia! (Not just me. Everyone has been talking about it!) Cool nights, and warm sunny days. Usually we have about three days of spring and move directly into summer. This extra long spring has meant I can wear my trusty Levi’s much further into the year than is usual! YAY!

Lessons Learned

There’s some kind of shift in the air… And I’m not sure how it’s going to play out! It used to be that I would shift the color AND vibe of my capsules from season to season (by digging into my storage box), but starting this time last year, those shifts became more subtle. I was perfectly happy to carry the same color theme from spring all the way through fall, and fall through winter. This year however, I’m loving the feel, but need a color shift for summer. You might get a hint of what’s coming from the Color Obsession post I wrote earlier this month…

Another Copycat Style! (This time from May…)

My poor scarves! They’ve been neglected for the maximal jewelry look! I expect I’ll feel differently once the heat of summer sinks in. It will all depend on how sweltery we get, and what kind of tops I end up choosing for my summer capsule. At least a #neckmess makes for good Zoom meetings!

Three of the looks in these Spring’s Faves were copycats! That’s another clue that there’s a shift in the air. The two copycat post outfits are linked in the photos above, but the jeans and flip flops look was another copycat… Just not one I intended to use for a blog post! I’m interested to see where these shifts make take my style journey.

Last lesson: It’s time to winnow down the bag collection. (I did a shoe declutter earlier.) It’s funny how not carrying a bag (Because you’re not going anywhere.) changes the dynamic of how I put an outfit together… This deserves some more thought!

So how about you? Has Covid affected your dressing style? How? More casual? All yoga pants and giveaway tees? Have you rediscovered old favorites? How has spring (or fall) been in your neck of the woods? Are you looking forward to the next season? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!

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