Capsule Wardrobing

Spring Capsule Check-In

Happy day, Reader Dear!

How goes it?

Such a simple question.

That can have one or more VERY complicated answers! Some of which contradict each other.

So let’s make it easier.

We’ll narrow down the question to something answerable in less words than the Summa Theologica.

And less dense. I’m not feeling weighty today.

How goes the Spring Capsule Wardrobe?

Pretty well, thank you for asking!

Weather notwithstanding.

So let’s talk about what’s working, what’s not and how I might tweak this capsule to take it into summer! And hopefully inspire you to think the same way about what’s in your closet…

What I’ve Worn So Far

What’s Working

My blues and whites are getting a workout for sure! WITH a touch of an accent color. I added a pair of navy pinstripe trousers this season and they are seeing a LOT of wear. I’m loving it paired with a white tank, heels, and a jean jacket. I wish I owned a pair of black pumps to wear with the trousers, but I’m not sure I’m ready for the committment. (Yes, I am one of the few bloggers that will NOT tell you that you need a pair of black pumps.) When it gets a little warmer, pewter sandals will look fabulous with the pinstripes!

My wooly sweaters are also getting a workout. We’ve had some lovely days, for which I am grateful, but this spring has not been as warm as some in memory. I know some of you are chafing at the bit for some warm weather, but once we get warm, it gets uncomfortable here. Fast. So I’m happy with chilly nights and still needing a jacket!

What’s Not

  • I’m not loving my shoe choices… Many of my summer shoes saw their last season in 2022 and had to be retired. Or in the case of my green sandals, should have been. (I had my eye on a pair of green suede sandals and did not buy them. Regret City. They’ve sold out.) Other than a pair of heeled navy espadrilles I found on Ebay, I’m not loving what I’m seeing in the stores… Sigh.
  • My looks have been rather dark, navy and wooly. Not nearly as spring-y as my inspo board feels.
  • My pink skirt. It was an Ebay find, in my usual size from this company/brand, but WOW is it snug.

What To Do About It

  • Start looking for another pair of sandals.
  • Wear my white jeans more! I haven’t worn my white jeans nearly enough. Pairing them with my blue sweaters is a good way to get a spring feel even when the weather is grey and chilly.
  • Get with my seamstress and see if she can help me out… (Maybe after Prom Season?)


As I mentioned in the video, I like to think in threes, and my pink and green tops aren’t very three-ish. I’m good for navy and denim, but I don’t have a green short-sleeved or sleeveless top and I don’t love the one pink short-sleeved top I own. (It’s a piece I keep for wardrobe talks/demonstrations.) It would be so much easier if I liked tee-shirts!

How About You?

What are you wearing this season? Is it making you happy? What’s working and what’s not? Are any of your problems similar to mine? (Yes, these are first-world-problems.) Is there anything you’ve regretted not buying? What is/was it? What pieces might make your wardrobe more versatile? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    I totally agree about ‘threes’. I have been tracking wears for 2 and a bit years now and realise what I need in my wardrobe is a Black Knit/Long sleeve/Short Sleeve T, same in Navy, same in light Grey/Taupe and a handful of colourful items. I did a bit of a closet rearrange today and am putting away most heavy knits after laundering them, I pulled out lighter Ts. The above rule applies.


    Liz, I just changed out my wardrobe with my bestfriend this past Thursday. We we’re exhausted but we accomplished all putting away Fall/Winter clothing and bringing out Spring clothing. When it it’s even warmer I will exchange some of my Spring items for more summer items that are very light weight. of course, with my girlfriends help!!! Now, to wear all theses new light colors!!

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