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Happy day, Reader Dear!

I hope you are recovering from The Wearing ‘O the Green!

Our family does St. Patrick’s Day. Hi, my maiden name is O’Connell and I make one hard-to-stop-eating Irish Soda Bread. We don’t do corned beef and cabbage. I didn’t grow up with it. Give me a lovely lamb stew any day, thank you! And a nice Guiness. Or at least a Half & Half. (Arf ‘n Arf)

Things are still unsettled Chez Klebba and I’m surprised how I’m struggling to get back into my regular capsule planning and execution. I always looked forward to the wardrobe shift and getting everything pulled together for myself (And you!) by the first day of the season. This spring, I am halfway through the first month and just getting it together.

That’s okay! A capsule wardrobe (Like Rome.) doesn’t need to be built in a day. (Although if that’s what you want to do, here’s my process!)

This year, I knew it wasn’t going to happen on the first, so I slid into it the easy way by tracking what I wore. For the first 10 days or so, I wore whatever felt right; when I put those pieces away, they went between my markers. (Like I do when doing a Working Wardrobe Exercise!)

How it’s sorting out…

Not well.

Boring, to be more specific.

This past weekend, when I was dressing, I realized it was time.


Because, when I went to dress on Saturday morning, this is what greeted me.

My navy polka dot blouse and white sweater are in the laundry.

Yup, everything I had worn was all about the blue and white. That is good, because blue and white are the basis of my wardrobe inspiration for Spring/Summer 2023. But not ALL good.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the pieces hanging above… Except that together they look a little boring! (Except for the pink polka dot dress, mind you!) So, I headed to my closet and out-of-season storage box to find some color, interest and lightness. I grabbed more white, some pink, red and more (and lighter) green, and some pattern… And went from ho-hum on the left, to far more springy on the right!

What makes the big difference you may ask? Adding a striped tee and a floral blouse, a couple of pink blouses and a sweater, a green blouse, my embroidered wrap blouse, a pink skirt (I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear…), white jeans and the white jacket. Now I have a better balance of tops to bottoms AND a much more colorful (and interesting) capsule!

Shoe Time!

As I was tracking my clothes, I also built a little pile of shoes. Because nothing says warm weather (even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate) like getting out of socks and boots!

No, I haven’t worn the red shoes yet, but it’s coming!

What’s Next?

I’ll sort through jewelry and scarves and choose a few handbags to use while I wait for straw bag weather to get here! Here’s a quick video with my scarf picks:

Wow, that audio/video disconnect is disconcerting… Gotta figure out why that happened!

Welcome to the Polka Dot Party! As the weather warms, the dark blue sweaters above will be replaced by a few navy cotton blouses. More shorts will move in. And my green wool blazer will head to the cleaners for a well earned spa day and a seasonal break. (I’m sure it’s looking forward to the trip!)

How About You?

Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? How? Are you ready for spring? Already in spring? Do you like polka dots? Or do they feel juvenile to you? (You won’t hurt my feelings if you aren’t a fan. It’s ALL about personality!) Do you put away your out of season clothes or keep them all at hand all the year long? (If so, I envy you your closet space!) What kind of accessories do you prefer in the warmer months? Do tell! I love to hear from you and have saved you a lovely corner of the interwebs for your comments…

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    Hi Liz, I switched in some lighter knits and long sleeved T’s for a few heavier knits that I had already laundered. Still cool here so cannot do a complete switch yet. I am a part Irish descendant but have never celebrated St Patrick’s day.

    • Liz K

      I’m thankful for the option to roll into the seasons as the weather dictates, Lise! Here’s wishing you ALL the luck of the Irish, whether you celebrate or not! On whose side do you find your Irish? Your mom’s side or your dad’s?

    • Liz K

      I’m with you on the polka dot love, Natalie, but they are divisive! (Like any print or pattern.) To each his own! Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all liked the same things? (And imagine how hard it would be to shop when everyone else in your size was snapping up what you needed before you got there!)

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